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Oklahoma Joes smoker Mpls area

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Found this one while browsing around. I don't really know anything about the Oklahoma Joes but it looks like alot of bang for your buck!!
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I am heading down to the cities next week. Maybe I should pick it up. biggrin.gif No my wife would kill me since I have already made two smokers this winter.
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I don't know anything about that brand, but it sounds good. I would fire some wood through it to make sure there aren't any lbig eaks before handing over the cash. Let us know what you decide.
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well worth it, Oklahoma Joes is one of the oldest names in heavy gauge offset smoking, they are the same guys that bring you Horizon smokers today, they sold the ok joes name years ago to new brunsfel, who then sold to chargriller who gets them built in china with 11 and 12 guage sheetmetal for retail sale at academy sports and such, this is a nice older unit and would cost $1479 16 inch and $1825 20 inch today.
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Thanks for the info. I have heard the name Oklahoma Joes before and always more or less associated it with the good heavy duty type smokers. I planned on my next smoker to be a reverse flow unit but I could be swayed. I wonder if that vertical unit has grates in it or if it is for hanging meats only.
I dropped the guy a email to see if he still has it and what his best price is. See what he says.
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Sounds like it can be had for $650. Thermomters need replacing and some rust on the forebox but apparently in good shape otherwise. I don't cold smoke fish or sausage and don't see that as something I will get into. So I don't know that the large vertical will be much of a use for me.
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OK Joe Owner

It's still here, come and get it!
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That's a very nice smoker at a good price.
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i went and looked at it... just not what i was looking for. is in great shape, the "rust on the forebox" is nothing. heck i wouldnt spend the money on the paint to cover it up...the thermos, well i would test them but they are just smoker temp thermos anyway, you still be running a internal temp thermo anyway and thats the one that counts!!! make a great backyard smoker for someone, the vertical has 2 removable grates as well. give the guy a call if interested. real nice guy.
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welcome to the forum. head on over to roll call, lotsa peeps wanna know a bit about you and your smokers, other smoking tidbits etc... nice meeting you today and glad you stopped on by!!! hope someone snaps up on that smoker.
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Welcome to the forum, jmitchell. I'd like to snap up your OK Joe, but it's not in the cards for me this year. The tax man cometh, and he's hungry this year.
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Newbie here

I purchased the smoker for 625.00
Its my first and I plan to modify it a bit (heat deflector)
add some thermometers
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congrats and show us the mods and maiden smoke!
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifwelcome to the forum... for a first smoker you ngot a nice one!!! it just wasnt big enuff for me but i like the combo it has. you will be able to do a nice variety of smoking on your new used smoker. nice buy and keep us updated!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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congratulations phil! What a deal and what a smoker! You have no idea what you really have BUTT after a few smokes you will hopefully realize how lucky you are!!

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