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The main reason I cube the meat is that I add Cure #1, some of my seasonings and then allow to rest for three days in the fridge. Cubing provides more surface area for absorption of the cure and spice. I then grind, finish seasoning, add water, mix real well (till sticky), taste, adjust and stuff. The stuffed sausage spends another day or so in the fridge then goes onto the smoker. If it's cool outside I then like to give it a day or two in my curing closet in the garage if not it goes back into the fridge or freezer.

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Just thought I'd post an update to this.

I recently made some Italian sausage(the recipe from Charcuterie) and I followed their method as well.

I cut up my pork butt, added the seasonings and let it rest overnight in the fridge. Next day I put the meat in the freezer for about an hour. I also put the bowl and paddle from my Kitchen Aid mixer in the freezer too. I then ground the pork into the bowl and added the water that the recipe calls for, and set the mixer on med for about 1 minute. The meat just started to get a bit sticky...this is the primary bind that the book talks about.

Anyhow, this sausage turned out much better than the sausage I made when grinding and stuffing in the same step. It's not crumbly at all. Going to try some frozen ones for dinner tonight.

I used that crappy old stuffer I had too.....that thing sucks! I may just have to get a new 5lb vertical stuffer now.
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If you do, you love it!
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Many reasons not to ever do this, first is the development of texture, kneading, or mixing helps this, google myobloben development. Secondly you want a very homogenous blend, mixing does this also, in the case of formulas where liquids are added we insure we have a well mixed slurry of spices and liquids, then mixed well till the myobloben forms a very sticky batch. Grinding and stuffing is just wrong, basic sausage making 101, as far as the book that has been mentioned, well not one I'd use as a guide, too commercial and full of formula errors with regards to cure percentages.
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