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OK you sausage gurus -have a ?? for you...

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I have a recipe for bratwurst that calls for boiling in beer and onions OR grilling, but before you grill it you have to dip each link in milk - what's that all about???
I get the beer and onions thing - I totally don't get the dunking in milk -I only do that with Oreos!
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I do believe that is for looks only....nice glazed look when grilled....

Q Dawg
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I really can't say Elly, I never heard of it before but Q Dawg's reasoning sound good to me.
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I don't know about the milk either, but I often do a little parboil in beer. Not a full on boil til it explodes though.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Never heard of the milk thing. I started par boiling (3-5 min) in beer and onions (and sometimes peppers) before grilling. Seems to plump them up and re-hydrate a little before the grill. Throw the onions on the grill too - great!
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What we love to do it get a aluminum pan and fill it with green peppers and onions and two beers then fill with your sausage. You boil/simmer everything until the beer boils out and you will have some awesome carmelization of onions and peppers. Take all that goodness and put it on top of a dog bun and you have a real treat.
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I grill my brats first then toss them in a aluminum pan with a couple beers, stick of butter and some onions. Then in a separate pan I'll put some cut up red, green and yellow peppers with a few onions and some butter, CBP and some garlic. I let both simmer on the grill till the peppers are cooked and then its time to eat. The peppers are optional, but delicious.
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try both ways...see if there is a difference! We will all be awaiting your verdict! (and Qview!!!)
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If you stumped Dan and Mule I don't think anyone knows. I have done alot of reading on sausage and I have never found it anywhere.
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I just tried to do a little research and came up with nothing. Might give the brats a bit of sourness? a little twang if you will..
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I think it is for color, which is a throw back to when they though eating gold would make you more healthy and used to put fine gold on there meats. this was changed to differnt methods using breadcrumbs and eggs ect.. so since it is broiler under low to medium heat it might just be to give it a golden color as it browns.

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Thanks for the input guys - much appreciated. I couldn't for the life figure out what a quick dip in some milk would do - I am definately leaning more toward a beer hot tub for them.
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bingo...I think this is what the recipe is shooting for !
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