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Cover thermometer wires?

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I just bought a Maverick ET-73 thermometer and already had a different Redi-Check thermometer. Should I cover the wires leading to the probe? I saw one Qview which appeared to have foil covering the wires and another with shrink tubing. Is this necessary or recommended?
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Some folks do cover the wires.. It helps avoid fraying the wires and also helps with keeping them clean...Happy smokes..
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I cover mine with foil just to keep the cables clean, I got the idea from someone on here, just dont remember who.
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Hmmm that is a good idea, was wondering how to not have wires get all used up look
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I wrap mine a couple of inches from the probe to keep them from fraying.
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I've never wrapped mine before...guess that would explain why they are so dirty! Never really thought about them fraying. I know they can withstand high heat, so durabilitiy and safety was never a real concern. However, I left my good thermometer at my girl's family cabin up in SD over thanksgiving. WORD OF CAUTION: I bought a POS thermometer at Target that I took back immediately. It was a Taylor wireless therm that looked decent in the box, but the probe wire was a little plastic tube that looked like a phone charger chord. These are definitely not oven or smoker safe, however the box does not mention this or even show the cable from what I remember. I tested it in the oven and it began to melt at 250'! The thing was 30 bucks too. Here's the link:
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I suppose it'll keep the aliens from monitoring your smoker as well...
Don't cover mine... Guess it's not a bad idea though, kinda like flushing a transmission, if ya do it from the begining it;s ok, if not, don't bother..
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I have two Taylors and a Polder, I've used them in smokers and ovens without the need to cover them. I'm still using the same cables after 7 years. Your choice my friend.
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I'm with Rich, although he has a few more years on his probes than me. icon_mrgreen.gif The Taylors are plastic so I see no need to cover them. The Maverick ET-73 has the steel braided stuff. I foiled them once and it was such a pain to get them thorugh the hole into the UDS I took the foil off. Haven't really had a problem with them.

I don't wash them per se. If one gets stuck in food I sanitize it with a Clorox wipe. If the probe gets too dark or gummy I just use a Scotch Brite pad to clean it up.

But if it makes you feel better to cover it, by all means do so. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I have a Maverick ET-73 and the only thing I've had go wrong with it is the wire broke right at the point of insertion in the probe. I wrap mine with foil right at this point to keep it from bending hopefully keeping it from breaking again. The only other place I put it is around the wire if I have to run it through the door.
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