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This weekends ribs

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Well this past weekend I did a couple of slabs of spares for Sunday dinner.
Prepared the slabs Sat. night and gave them a good dusting of rub. Ma D cleaned out the spice cabinet and found various small amounts of home made rubs that I had made along the last half pound of TulsaJeffs' rib rub that I made late last fall. Instead of tossing small amounts of rub, Ma just poured them into the gallon zip top bag that had Jeff's rub in it.

Anyhoo, the ribs were covered with plastic wrap and place into the fridge overnight. Since I was only doing two slabs, I opted to go with the GOSM instead of firing up the Lang. I got the GOSM fired up and went back in to apply my second coat of rub. When I went back outside, the flame had gone out and I was out of propane-not the first time this had happened. Since we had company coming over for dinner and was on a schedule, I placed the ribs into a 230° oven. The ribs were sprayed every hour with a mix of apple and cherry juice-the juice and the rub gave the ribs a nice mahogany color. After 5 hours the ribs were served up along side some of Ma's baked beans and some 'slaw. Since my digital camera was MIA, I attempted to take some qview with my camera cell phone-that cellphone camera is a piece o' crap as the pics turned out dark-so my apology for no qveiw.

Dinner went well and my brother was asking questions about how to do ribs and then my sis-in-law asked "So how long do you boil the ribs for?" Folks, I tell ya I dang near choked. Now I'll admit, I dislike using the oven for ribs but I draw the line at boiling them. Ma, sensing my irritation, said "We don't boil ribs in this house, why?" SIL stated that when her friends made ribs, they boiled them. I asked her how my ribs tasted vs. her friends ribs and she said that theirs had no flavor. I quietly explained that the only time I boil pork is when I make chili verde.
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"So how long do you boil the ribs for?" Folks, I tell ya I dang near choked. Now I'll admit, I dislike using the oven for ribs but I draw the line at boiling them. Ma, sensing my irritation, said "We don't boil ribs in this house, why?"

Love your sense of humor!
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HA!! Good Story Dutch...sounds like you handled yourself very well.

There is a gal I work with here at the office who's just a few years younger than me - but like me, she does all the cookin for her family.

She mentioned once (about a year ago) that they had ribs for dinner the night before. Since I obviously have a love of good 'que, I was interested in how she prepared them so I asked her.

She said, "Well - after we boil them..."

and before my brain could stop me, I blurted out and interrupted her, exclaiming how that's the dumbest thing you can do with ribs...

Gotta be able to hold that tongue a little better - but I wasn't prepared.

Since I got into smoking meat about 2 years ago, this was the first time someone admitted to me that they boiled their ribs!

Hope yours turned out great even though you couldn't finish them on the smoker...
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I'm suprised you didn't very nicely ask her to leave! Lol, I guess I'm just a jerk icon_mrgreen.gif
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That thought did cross my mind, icon_twisted.gif but since she drove and my brother wasn't finished eating . . .
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man if someone asked me how long i boiled my ribs Id take their plate away from them. I also hate when you have company and they slather your Q with sauce with out even tasting the meat. PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

Glad it went well DutchPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds like an interesting weekend Dutch, remember to have a spare Propane tank next time...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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most people i know put ribs in the pressure cooker then throw them on the grill covered in BBQ sauce.

my dad cracks me up. we had some country styles yesterday and he said he was gonna barbecue them. so he had my mom throw them in the pressure cooker then he threw them over some hot coals for about 10 minutes and covered them in sauce lol

he hates my smoked ribs..says they give him indigestion.
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I admire a man who can keep his cool in a sticky situation. Well done. I take it that you didn't foil the ribs at any time.
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Well.........I guess I have to fess upPDT_Armataz_01_03.gif

I have boiled my ribs in the past before grilling themPDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

What can I say, I was young and stupid and carefree.....what do you expect for only being 55 years old at the time!!!!!!!

I have since been through "RIB REHAB" and learned the error of my ways. I will never sin again. Honest.

Please don't ban me from SMF for life!
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Boiled Ribs????PDT_Armataz_01_32.gif On one occassion a few years back my Son-in-Law started to boil his ribs and the daughter said, what the h-e-c-k? SIL claimed it's a Ohio thing. Daughter said, you boil em, you eat em. Then she asked me to straighten him out. With great language restraint, I managed to convey to him, the proper method. Now, he's a believer. Now if I could just get him to learn the 3-2-1 method. Fortunately, there's about 1421 miles between us.
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Beer~I have three 20# tanks-1 for the Lang log igniter and the GOSM, 1 for the propane grill and one for backup. Unfortunately, I also have a propane heater that my son's use to heat the shed when they are working on their bikes-they have their own tank but when it runs out they "borrow" mine.

Rich~Nope, no foil here-heck, I don't even foil my ribs when I'm using my smokers!

John~ Since you have been through RIB REHAB and have learned the error of your ways, we'll let you stay. We need your help in getting the word out to all the rib boilers letting them know what they are doing wrong and teach them how to do 'em right!
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Ahmen to that....I got a total of 3 tanks at my house tongue.gif Overkill? LOL
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Now I'm really glad you could hold your tongue there Dutch I'm not sure that that person will be back anytime soon. If they asked me if I boiled the ribs I might have boiled them and then threw them out. But your the Man. Now I bet you will have an extra tank around now after all of this and thats whay I have 5 tanks and four grills and smokers.
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To prevent such unauthorized use of my propane tanks, I'm currently looking to get some tank locks. That ought to teach them boys of mine!!! icon_twisted.gif
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I've done some dumb things to ribs in my life, but I have never boiled them. It don't even sound good.icon_confused.gif It must be a back east thing.
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My tank locks are my Smith&Wesson 40 w/ laser site, Tikka .30-06 topped w/ a Nikon Monarch 4X16 scope and my Mossberg 12 Gauge Ulti-mag with both the shotgun and rifled barrel PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Good luck w/ the boys...stealin propane is like stealin money if you ask me!
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