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I recently had an opportunity to take a few rabbits before the season ends and I would really like to throw 'em on the smoker. After a search of the threads I was able to find one recent that had given me some ideas, but what I don't know is to what internal temp to bring the rabbit. Do I approach it as poultry or, can I cook it more like beef. I've cooked rabbit before, but it has always been in a sauce piquant or some type of stew where the rabbit is braised or otherwise cooked very well. Any ideas??
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Rabbit gets cooked like pork. In fact you can cure it like ham.
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bump bump. I have never smoked rabbit but I know other guys have. I shot a rabbit once when I was young and we cooked it with thanksgiving dinner and it was awesome!!
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Those both look delicious!!! I think I will try them both!!
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Man do i ever feel old, last time i went rabbit hunting was over 22 yrs ago the house in the country that i grew up in and its only a few miles away from where i live now but that small timber was full of rabbits.
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I did a rabbit 2 weekends ago (friend brought it over for me to smoke as a surprise), and wasnt sure exactly how to do it, so i treated it like poultry and pulled it at about 160*f internal...

Wasnt bad, just a little different than I am used to. I would definitely cook it (and eat it) again.
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I'm finally able to find the time to pull the rabbit out of the freezer and smoke it today. I brined it and just threw it on along with some split chicken breasts and a pork loin. I plan to cook the rabbit to about 165 and wrap it. We'll see how it turns out!! I'll post some Q/view of the results!
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Rabbit W/Q-view

I just pulled the rabbit off the smoker at 167 degrees and wrapped it. Here's a photo!

I'll be pulling the meat after it rests!!
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Looks like you've done a fine job to me.. The one i had reminded me of chicken, but a little greasier. Not bad, just different! Let us know what you thought of it..
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It wasn't greasy at all. I've had wild rabbit before, but this was the first time I've smoked it. It was tender and juicy and delicious!! I think the brine helped a lot!!
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I have always loved rabbit, but I never had any smoked. This looks & sounds like it was better than any rabbit I ever had. I must put that on my list for future smokes!

Also worth a few------->>points.gif

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Looks good, im sort of hooked on smoking rabbits, we hunt rabbits almost every weekend in October, November, January, and February. I also put mine in a simple brine, but i like to wrap them in bacon.

Everything is better with bacon
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I thought rabbits layed eggs!  Looks like I am missing an old favorite.

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Great looking rabbit, I have been wanting to smoke a rabbit for a while. What seasoning do you put on them ?

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