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Early morning butt in the rain

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Well, I ventured off to do another smoke in the rain. I set up the canopy in my back yard last night in anticipation for the weather and for once the weather man was right. It's raining here in southwest OH, but I'm not letting that stop my from smoking a butt today. I woke up nice and early (0330) and after having a few adult beverages last night, I was not looking forward to being up this early. Smoking it w/ cherry (first time I've used it on a butt). Anyway, on to the qview!
Here's the butt I got from my butcher. Weighed in at a little over 5 lbs, and I absolutely loved the marbling in it

And here it is all rubbed up waiting for the temp to come up in the smoker. I hit it again w/ a little more rub that I had left over before going in. I normally rub them and let them sit over night, but recently I've been doing my ribs right before going in and have had great success, so I thought I'd try it w/ the butt. More to follow, enjoy!
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Looking good. Keep the qview coming.
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I just put the meat probe in and after 3.5 hrs, its chugging along nicely at 147*. I've been spritzing every 1.5 hrs with AJ and Bicardi Gold (didn't have any Captain) and adding some extra cherry chunks because I'm not really getting as much smoke as I'd like. I can't really smell smoke when I stick my face right in the top vent, so I might go throw in a couple chunks of hickory as well the next time I go out. The last time I used cherry on some bb's, I didn't really get a smoke profile at all, so maybe I'm just using cherry wrong? lol

Here's a quick shot of the set up. I wasn't going to let the rain ruin my smoke. The canopy takes up my whole patio!
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I covered my patio a couple of years ago. Now unless it is blowing snow, I'm out there every weekend doing something on the smoker. That Butt looks great. How did it turn out??? Fax me a sample please.icon_smile.gif
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I have a covered patio as well.. I'm with Dave. Unless the snow in blowing in sideways, i'm smokin it up.

Keep the Q pics coming!
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My last smoke in the rain, I had the rain blowing in sideways, so zip tied a tarp around the one side and it blocked the wind and rain like a champ. I got an update, I'm a little over 6 hrs in, and sitting at 168* and there apparently hasn't been a stall yet. I'm not foiling this one, just taking it straight to 205. After that, it will get foiled and into a cooler for a few hours to rest. I'll try and snap off a quick pic when I go out next.
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She's sounding good! cant wait to see more, im starving!
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looks gonna try not foiling my next one....please post the results
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lookin good,
I did 3 over the weekend and they stalled at about 176* for a little over an hour. they were a littl bigger , just over 7# and one 8#
total time on them was 13hrs.
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Slim, I did the no foil on the last one I did, and I liked it better then with foil. I got a lot more bark then I used to w/ foil.

Here's a little food porn for you guys to hold you over! I'm at 7 hrs in and it just hit 170*. I'm getting ready to start whipping up a batch of Carolina finishing sauce too. I'm going to serve that on the side (I normally dump it straight onto all the pork after pulling) but want to try out my bbq sauce on the pork this time too. More to come, enjoy the qview.
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Mmmmm!!! morning butt!!! Looking good!!!
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Well, I had to abandon my no foiling until done. Almost 12 hrs in, the temp only hit 185, and the kids are going to start to get hungry here in about another 1.5-2 hrs. So, I pulled it and it's in the oven at 250* double wrapped in foil w/ a little AJ and Bicardi Gold mix. I guess I shouldn't have hit the snooze as many times as I did this morning icon_redface.gif I forgot to get a pic before it went into the foil, so more to follow when it's done.
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Nowhere else in the world, but here, can you say what I am about to say in public, without people thinking you are weird.

Nice Butt!!!
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Great looking Q, wish our precip would be in the liquid form getting tired of the white stuff up here.
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Nice looking smoke...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I never get tired of looking at butts here
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Hey guys, I'll post a qview of the final product once I can figure out why my cam won't come up when plugged into the computer! I've been having some issues w/ my USB ports, so I gotta work on them today.
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Alright, finally got the final qview's for you. I didn't get a pic of it before I pulled it because I didn't get as good of a bark on it as I would have liked.

Here's it pulled. Carolina style on the left, w/o sauce on the right

Close up of the smoke ring

On the bun, once again carolina on the left, plain topped w/ my drunken bbq sauce on the right (which was out-freakin-standing!)

My boy grubbin!
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Man I grilled/smoked under one of those for almost 2 years. Now it was so long it developed holes in the tarp part. Now for the pork it looks great and it looks like your taste tester sure does like it too.points.gif
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