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ChiSoxJim, if you can get your hands on Bon Secour brand shrimp you will not be let down. They are by far the best I have ever worked with and especially cooked. I have worked in the seafood business for six years now and they are by far the best.
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thanks for the link, ill have to keep my eyes out for them. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Excellent . I have bought fresh gulf shrimp for my cook .
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Perfect ! Did you make teh shrimp sauce as well ?
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you found the thread, I am at work, and didnt have time to post the link.


L & P worstershire
Chinese 5 spice
black pepper
texas pete hot sauce
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Great looking Shrimp!

I have posted several times about brining to enhance shrimp flavor and moistness, so I know those taste great.

But now reading your post I had forgot to mention one vital part of the procedure and that is to thoroughly rinse the shrimp off to remove the salt.

I haven't done any in awhile, seeing your I think I know what we are doing this weekend...

Thanks for sharing the pics
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definitely rinsed the shrimp off after the brine. an important step I agree.
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Great looking shrimp. Around here, Red Lobster would sell them as lobsters.
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Shrimp looked great, I put old bay on almost everything. Tastes great on grilled corn on the cob
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Good lookin' shrimp! Next time try basting with melted butter and droppin' some Old Bay on 'em (as others have suggested). Then you won't even want to bother with cocktail sauce.
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my daughter was dipping them in melted garlic butter for some crab legs we were eating.

with the brine & smoke they really didnt need any other seasoning.
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I'll have to try it that way. That's one of the great things about smokin', there's always a new method/technique to try and therefore always a reason to fire up the smoker!
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I agree 100%.

really not much that can be deemed "right or wrong" in BBQ, its all a matter of an individuals preference.
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How much water, salt & sugar? I assume the shells were removed? What type of wood did you smoke with?

Sorry for all the questions but I never really gave it a thought to smoke shrimp and I have 6 lbs of large gulf shrimp sitting in the freezer that I'm itching to try this on.
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Need to do a Costco run. Didn't plan on buying shrimp, but now it's on the list. BTW what wood did you use?
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I thought I listed the brine ammounts, sorry.

3 cups cold water from the fridge,
1/4 cup kosher salt
1/4 cup sugar

some folks use warm water to get the salt and sugar to dissolve, and then add ice to cool it down, I just wisk the cold water, and the sugar and salt break down after about a minute of wisking.

Shell on, but split down the back to de-vein, the shell adds flavor, and protects the shrimp.

Hickory, and Lump charcoal was the fuel.

good luck
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Great, thanks Jim, much appreciated.
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