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Thanks that is what I was going for.
I will be doing these again for sure but with less rice next time.
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Great Idea!

I'd like to make a General Tso's Fattie

oh, and points.gif
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I have looked at the fatties several times today. Took any joy out of my PB&J sandwich! I'm doing this with Teriyaki chicken soon. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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those look awesome! your creativity really opens the door...Thai fatties? German? the possibilities are limitless!
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Those look great! Between your chinese fatties and Ron's taco bell fattie, it really gets the gears burning. points.giffor a great idea.
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Am I the only one that laughed out loud when they read that?
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a phallic phatty, better hope it dont leak
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how many Kstones did you have down before this fantastic idea came to a reality?

i love it. i just found my project this weekend.
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Actually I didn't have any keystones before I came up with this. If you can believe that at all????icon_smile.gif I had been waiting to try that for a long time. I also have a couple of other crazy idea's I am waiting to try as well.
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Nice idea, never thought about Chinese food in them but that would be tasty, maybe a little Chinese 5 spice in the sausage?
Probably won't add any rice when I give this a try as I would be afraid it might take away from the veggie/meat mixture.
Thanks for the inspiration PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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points.gifThe beef is called mongolian beef! Love the stuff.
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MMMM thought that was what it looked like...used to have a place here that made Mongolian lamb that stuff really rocked.
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that is a wonderfull idea.
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Just gotta ask .. how did it taste ? Looks like a million bucks
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They tasted Awesome but next time I will do them with a lower temp like i normally do and I won't put as much rice if any at all. Ok maybe just a little rice.
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