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No I didn't Jim, I replace the door with one from The Cajun Bandit

Yes, I have it inside a windbreak. I really like it as it does help with keeping temps constant. I pretty much took a 4x8 piece of plywood and cut it into thirds to make the shelter. It was cheap and easy.
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The Q & A chat with Harry Soo just ended yesterday on TVWB site, and was really informative.

He didnt seem to hold back anyhting, and shared alot of tips, many specific to the best smoker around, the WSM, but alot of general bbq knowledge as well.
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How about you and The Dude and any other WSM owners do a daily 'factoid' on owning and operating the WSM?

Might make for some interesting commentary.

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maybe for tomorrows BB Ribs Ill do a step by step run through of the whole process from my method of setting it up & lighting(a hybrid of the Minion & Kiss methods), temp readings throghout the smoke, etc. focusing on the WSM's operation as much as the finished product.
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Damn you and your convincing arguments! .... lol. Now I have to figure out a way to explain to the wife why I need to spend $400 for a 22" WSM.... when I already have my CGSP..... *sigh* this is gonna cost me a lot of "honey do's"!
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just trying to spread the gospel of the WSM... its been a bbq revelation for me. icon_smile.gif
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The WSM 22" is probably the best $400 smoker on the market. It's my belief the 18" is also one of the best under $300 smokers on the market.

I have no regrets, that's for sure.
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[quote=RickW;454135]No I didn't Jim, I replace the door with one from The Cajun Bandit


Did that door come with sensor holes or anything? I cant tell from the description / picture.
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No it didn't, they do sell outlets for sensors though. They go into the original holes that the grate bolts use.
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I enjoyed that as well. He gave a lot of good input. I don't have a WSM but got a CB double chef probably not in the same league but a nice built smoker, so I've been following all the WSM smokes to get some tips.
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I think alot of Harry's tips crossover to any smoker. Plus his attitude regarding sharing the wealth and knowledge of bbq is refreshing.
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all I need, the WSM & the kettle. rain and wind dont stop the bbq with these two.

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It sure doesn't stop me, that's for sure.
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60 degree temps and its only going to get better. WSM did its majic as always yesterday.

After alot of research I go by these guidlines for lid temp vs rack temp.

I rarely run mine over 210 lid temp

Lid temp/Top Rack/ Bottom Rack
205 /227/ 237
218/252/ 262
230/ 268/ 278
248/ 293/ 303

I try to hold my temps at 200-210 lid temp, and its all good. slow and low...
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Good to know on the lid temps. I ran mine with the lid temp at 250°, and was suprised when the corned beef had hit 180° internal after just 3 hrs. .... now I know why... lol. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I think there may be slight variations on ammount of fuel used, etc, but I use these as a guideline for mine and they work pretty good. I am not a big stickler for temps, but I like to know about where I am at.
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I up and decided to sell my WSM today, decided to buy an MES, became a vegetarian, and stopped drinking.. icon_smile.gif

Happy April Fool's Day. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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ROFL! Good one.... had me going for a minute while I read the first line.. heh-heh.
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just having a little fun on April Fool's Day, icon_smile.gif
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Well since you obviously don't want your WSM any more you can send it to me! lol
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