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I did an allnight cook after an all day cook, simply took a nap from about 7:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. to sleep off the earlier cooks festivities, and then started sans alcohol for the all nighter.

My WSM is on my wood deck, so I dont leave it alone for too long, or go to sleep.
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king of the TBS:

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Looking good.

I won't smoke this weekend. I'm re-heating BB's I smoked last weekend tonight.
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its all good, Im only firing up "the king" once this weekend,
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A week later the Baby Backs were fantastic. For my first smoke last weekend, I think they turned out great. I can't even remember the last time I ate ribs before last weekend. I know I'll be eating them a lot more in the future.

Without doing the research, what is the main difference between baby backs and spares? Besides all of the prep for spares?
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spares have alot more fat, which is good because it melts down and makes them jucier. I also find spares get alot of flavor from the bones. They also take a little longer.

Both are great, I just prefer babybacks by a small margin.
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I am the proud owner of the MES 40" for the past 20 months. When I was doing my research the one thing that kept me from buying the WSM, only 18" was available then, I didn't want to have cut or curl ribs, I wanted to lay a whole rack of ribs on the grate. Plus I wanted a bit more capacity than the WSM had because we do 3 or 4 Backyard parties with 15 or more people each year. So I bought the MES.

Well Weber came out with the 22" WSM. I really want one but can't justify it to the wife since I own a good smoker. Even though I don't currently own a WSM, I know that many BBQ competitions have been won by cooks using a WSM. That they can cook 8 hours or more on a single load of fuel, and hold temperature if ambient is 40ยบ or higher (which accounts for 85% of the year).

Thanks for sharing another great story about WSMs....
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I lay whole bb's flat on the racks my 18.5" WSM, I just curve them to follow the curve of the wsm drum with the tickets bone portion towards the outside, later in the smoke when they shrink a little they lay flat easily.

I also did 3 racks of spares on a rib rack without cutting or any issues.

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TBS from yesterday...

Q-view will be posted later today.
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here is the one mod I do to the WSM every smoke, wrap the water pan in foil(makes clean up easy), otherwise the WSM is perfect & ready to go right from the box imho.

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Maybe of interest to WSM owners out there, Harry Soo(of Slap Yp Daddy BBQ) is doing a Q & A through March 4th on the Virtual Weber Bullet Site(I have no connection with this site, I just post there occasionally).

Some interesting tidbits, and info in the Q & A regarding the WSM.
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Headed over there now, thanks Jim.
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no problem, just some interesting WSM and competition info I thought.
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Had her fired up today.

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RIck, did you seal the door on your WSM??
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Rick, is your WSM in a windbreak? If so, how does it work? Sizes, etc?
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I haven't joined that site but I check it out from time to time. It was pretty cool to read some of Harry's answers. Apparently Harry doesn't eat much Que outside of competitions which I thought was interesting. Eats a lot of vegetarian dishes and of course Asian which wasn't a surprise. I think it would be fun to take one of his classes as he seems to have a great sense of humor.
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glad I could direct you over there,

I have checked in a couple times, and find his answers interesting.
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Just read your thread after you answered mine about a new smoker. I think you may have made up my mind. I would love togo that long without such worry. I have a very small brinkmann gourmet & it needs constant attention.
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glad I could help.

It took me a while to convert over to the WSM, I was happy with my CG w/ sfb, it turned out some good bbq, but took alot of time adjusting vents and tending. Did turn out really good bbq though.

I had a buddy loan me his WSM for a couple months this past summer, and really liked it and the food it cranked out. I then went with a GOSM gas smoker because I didnt have the money for a WSM at the time and winter was coming & I needed something that could hold temps. Thew GOSM held temps well, but something was missing for my tastes(flavor and texture of the meat), got my own WSM for x-mas, and have been set & happy.

I have not done any competitions in the past, but am going to do some this year(rib cook-offs only), and alot of competitions dont allow electrics, or gassers, something to keep in mind.
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