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I have some beautiful white butterfly ginger and yellow flag Iris for sale if you would like to purchase some of these plants. The yellow flag Iris grows to be around 6ft tall with fan shaped leaves and blooms big yellow flowers. The white butterfly ginger grows to be around 6ft tall and blooms big white fragrant flowers. Both types of plants blooms during the late summer and well into the fall. These plants does best with a lot of moisture and rich soil, partial sun/shade to full sunlight. I sell a lot of these plants on Ebay along with aquatic plants for aquariums and goldfish ponds.

5 white butterfly ginger - $10.00
5 yellow flag Iris - $6.00

These prices does not include shipping charges. I will need your zip code to figure the shipping charges. Shipping is determined depending on your location. Your zip code and package weight is looked up on my shipping charts. Once looked up I contact you and tell you what the shipping charges are to ship to your location. By doing it this way this saves some of my customers a few dollars on shipping. The closer you are to my location the cheaper the shipping charges are.

If you would like to purchase some of these plants just write me and let me know how many you would like to purchase and give me your zip code.