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Gimme your best suggestion

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I've got a tequila and lime marinated turkey breast that came in a two pack. The problem is that the first one we tried was terrible. The tequila flavor was way too strong.

So, any suggestions to make this one more palatable?

My first instinct is to soak it in a brine solution for a few hours.
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I'll PM you my address...

You can put it in a styrofoam cooler with some dry ice and ship it to me.

I will do my best and let you know the results.
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I would give it a few hour soak in clean plain water to remove the tequila flavor, maybe change the water once during the soak and then you can either rebrine or rub down with whatever you want and it should be fine.
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^^^^^ X2. Soak in clean tap water and change it out once or twice.
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This happened to me once & I followed this advice & was fine. Good luck.
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