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(3) meatloaves and (2) different meatballs w/q-view

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At Restaurant Depot yesterday i stumbled upon a sale item, a 10 lb. chub of Halal ground beef 80/20. Halal meat is kind of the muslim version of kosher. This beef was $.99/lb. Great deal. It was frozen so I knew I would have to cook it all off before i could refreeze it.

Perfect remedy, a few meat loaves, some asian meatballs, and some meatballs for spaghetti and meatballs for Monday night.

The "asian" meatballs were the same ingredients as the regular except I added som Chines 5 spice blend, and a little hoisin. Meatball mix used water soaked bread instead of dry bread crumbs.

Meatlaof recipe was a basic, bread crumbs, ketchup, L & P, salt, black pepper, garlic, eggs, milk, and dry onions(wanted to keep additional moisture out of the loaf). Had enough for 3 big meat loafs. fixin' to put them on in about 45 minutes.

Halal chub:

meatball mix:

regular mix:

"asian" meatball mix:


meatball q-view:

meatballs done:

cut open:

(3) meatloaves panned up:

ive got the "asian" style meatballs in the crosk pot with a sauce of grape jelly, hoisin, L & P, chili oil, sesame seeds, minced onion, and horseradish. Should be a good snack.

Thanks for looking so far, meat loaf should go on soon.
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Looking good. You going to freeze some of those for later?
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yes, gonna freeze probably 2, most likely in slices for easy defrosting for sandwiches, etc.
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sauced meatballs(sauce is hoisin, ketchup, bbq sauce, horseradish, sweel chili sauce, sesame seeds, L & P, minced onion). sweet and spicy.

1 of 3 meatloaf ready to go:

on the WSM (1) down low, (2) up top:

For the last 30 mins Ill glaze with ketchup, & Ill take em to 160, then let them rest before slicing. Serving with mashed potato, and broccoli.

thanks to those who have checked these pics out.
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Awesome looking pile of meat !! Man those meatballs make ya wanna break the screen and grab em icon_mrgreen.gif
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thanks jax,

just took a peak at the meatloafs, hoping they tighten up.
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Thanks for sharing it looks GREAT PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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almost done glazed and back in to finish:

cant wait for supper.
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Oh man does that sounds good!!!
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thanks, it had alomst a licorice taste from the hoisin & the star anise in the Chinese 5 spice.
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finished pics, another great smoke on the WSM, gotta tip my hat to that smoker, gotta be the best i have owned.

off the smoker:

all 3 rested and ready to be sliced:


thanks for checking out my pics, and those who made comments. I appreciate it.

I have a chicken in the fridge injected with Tony C's cajun butter for tomorrow, I may also smoke some 13-15 shrimp as well.

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Looks like it turned out great, not to mention your good words about the WSM, a smoker such as yourself saying it is the best you have owned definitely got my attention...
Might be time to add a new smoker to the family.

Never tried the Tony C's butter injection, almost picked up a bottle the other day but didn't, the seasoning is good so I'm sure the cajun butter injection is great!
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thanks, the WSM is still sitting @ 230(im letting it burn out the rest of the lump), its been sitting there since about noon. so almost 8.5 hours on the one ring of lump. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I use the injector that comes with the Tony C's, and figured i wouldnt waste it. I am curious how it will turn out as well.
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looks great, I need to do a meatloaf
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It all looks great Jim, but them sauced meatballs are on my short list! Thanks for sharing the idea
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That looks great, I want to try a meatloaf soon. they sure do look tasty.
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Man those look good, certainly earned points points.gif
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They look great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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good looken stuff ya got there meatballs are fun you can do so many different things with them.
points.giffor the qview and ideas
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thanks folks, I think Ill be eatin meatloaf for a while...Gonna give as much away as posible.

the spice that made the "asian" style meatballs was the "Chinese 5 spice" the star anise really gave it a nice pop.
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