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Sonoran Style hot dogs & ring bologna w/qview

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saw a tv show a while back that showed a sonoran hotdog, looked interesting, even if I am from Chicago where hot dogs are taken pretty seriously(no ketchup, no mayo, etc.).

I made these today along with a ring of Daisy brand bolgna. Smoked them about an hour and a half. Wrapped these natural casing hotdogs in thin cut bacon from my buther. Topped them with shredded cheese, chili, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and jalapeno slices. Also served them with a smoke/salted jalapeno.

Ring bologna was awesome as wll, I see a sandwich of that in my future.

salted jalapenos:


bacon wrapped dogs:

q view:

more pics in a couple secs.

thanks for looking
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I smoked a couple rings of Koegel's ring bologan that my brother brought me from Michigan. I wasn't real pleased because of the texture when it was done. It seemed pretty soft to me. I've got one ring left that I think I'll just eat as is. Don't forget the finished pics.
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this Daisy bologna ring turned out nice, sausage texture of a kilbasa or summer sausage.

hot dogs were popping with flavor, smoke, hot, cheese, sweet, etc. ll be doing these again for sure.

dogs off the smoker:


ring bologna:

dressed dog:

thanks for checkin out my lunch.
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nice looking hot dogs! I like the spread.
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All looks good Jim , but is that ketchup on that beautiful dog?
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i know blaphemy for anyone over 3 to be eating ketchup on a dog, but I was trying to follow as authentic version as I could. The mayo on the hotdog seemed more wrong. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Luckily I saved a few of those natural casing dogs to be done up right with just some mustard, and maybe some onion. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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they do them like that here but no mustard............looks damn good jim!
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thanks chef rob,

Ive been wanting to try these since I saw a hot dog special where they showed some places from Arizona doing these.
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i think i might have seen the same one..........lots of stands like that off the "main" drags.........
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ketchup or not....those look darn good!

When we got our first hot dog up in Maine.....they asked if I wanted mayo on it. I tried it, and it was pretty good. They put celery salt and some really good, locally made relish as well.

But, I am partial to char grilled hot dogs over some nice lump, and not too many places do that. Must be a WNY thing?
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my wife from the Phillipines likes mayo on her hotdogs, and I had always scoffed at it. Really not that bad on this dog.
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