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Elk rump roast TQ w/ apple smoke

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I took some elk rump roasts, tied 'em up and brined them IAW TQ instructions for 11 days. I remmoved them from the brine and gave them a couple good rinses and then a 24 or so hour fresh water soak. After a few more rinses, I dried them, painted with mustard and rolled them in fresh cracked pepper. Into the smoker over some apple wood (Thanx BandCollector) for about seven hours to int temp of 145. I couldn't wait any longer...
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No Cooler?

So, since it is Elk, you don't have to do the towel & cooler type of resting to get the meat tender?
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That's my kind of smoke! We really do need to see a sliced piece though.biggrin.gif
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This meat was cured using nitrates, It is to be sliced and eaten like lunchmeat.
The wrapping & resting you're talking about is done with large chunks of meat that are cooked from raw to 190 degrees or more and then sliced or pulled or whatever. I did put a foil tent over this right after the pics so as to keep it from drying out to fast..

Slicing pics are on the way...
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SHOW US, SHOW US, SHOW US PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Dang, Pit - that looks Goo-ood!
I'm outta big elk chunks already.

HEY, I know someone who probably has some....
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Got me thinking I need to do another batch of Elk summer sausage. Looking forward to the slice and taste test!
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Looks great. I have only had Elk once and it was horrible. It was over cooked and cold. If I had some that was cooked right I know I would love it. I should try this method with one of my venison roasts. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Elk is the beef of wild game. It does not lend itself to overcooking though..
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I'm with Walle on this one too. Please SLICE it and SHOW us the MEAT.
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