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Brining Leg Quarters

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Anyone have a good brine recipe (nothing fancy) for chicken leg quarters?
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Pepper, red pepper, onion powder, garlic powder (in addition to salt of course)
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In how much water? Don't want to add too much salt?
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I have always used tip's brine for all my poultry.
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Not that you really need to brine. Since I have BP issues, I skip brining due to the excess salt content. Chicken still comes out great.
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I go with 1 gal H20, 1 cup salt & 1 cup of sugar. Simple and the chicken tastes like chicken.
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mballi got ya covered there, that be a good brine fer all poultry, lower in salt cause lots of us gotta watch the blood pressure.

I soak my quarters overnight in that same brine an they come out mighty tastey.

Here's some a did a spell back.
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Pretty simple and pretty good.

Add other spices (rub, garlic, citrus, etc.) as you see fit.

It all depends on what sort of flavor profile you're going for.

I saw a Greek marinade on TV that sounded great (citrus, olive oil, garlic and herbs...thin it a bit with water or wine).

Another source of ideas is with those envelopes you see at the grocery store (seems I've seen several marinades for chicken that might be worth a try).

You probably want more precise recipe, but I've always simply thrown stuff together until it tasted the way I wanted and have good results doing that.
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