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First Smoke Ever

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So I should be getting my 18.5'' WSM today or tomorrow and was wanting to fire it up right away. Being that this will be my first smoke ever, what would an easy smoke be? I was thinking of doing BB or Spare ribs? But also thinking about a butt? Any suggestions for a first smoke?
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Baby backs or spares are probably the most common first smokes out there as there isn't much to screw up. Just remember to season that bad boy first (me, I like to take a pressure washer to the new unit before anything) so you don't wind up with any unwanted flavors. Shorter smokes help to further season the smoker in prep for the longer duration smokes like the Boston butt or the brisket (just my humble opinion).

Congrats on the new smoker and remember, without the Qview, it never happened! icon_wink.gif
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butt will be a big time investment,

spares and bb's are easy and dont require alot of time.

When I first used a WSM a buddy loaned me last summer, I did marinated half chickens for the first smoke, cheap, and a good way to learn how the WSM works, I was an experienced meat smoker then as I am now, but each smoker is different.

good luck.
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Make sure to throw a fatty or two on there.
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I think the two easiest items are fatties and whole chicken. As long as you don't creosote them up and get them to temp they are pretty much always good. Ribs are a little more complicated than that but definitely not too hard. Make sure to read up on the 3-2-1 method for spares and the 2-2-1 method for babys.

Welcome to the obsession!
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just a side note, your WSM is good to go right from the box, no seasoning needed. It will run hot for the first 2 or 3 smokes though.
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Thanks for the info on here. I'm leaning towards ribs and now thinking about maybe chicken as well?

Is there a good/easy chicken recipie that someone has that is foolproof? Durations/temps for the chicken?
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heres the first one I did on the WSM back in the summer:
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First smoke in MES

Today will end with my first smoke in my new MES. Did the burn in and seasoning yesterday.

I think I'll try chicken thighs tonight, ribs tomorrow, and maybe a butt on Sunday (depends on the weather). Hubby will be eating high on the hog.icon_wink.gif
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Sounds like a good weekend at your house!

Consider some ABT's with the ribs, they go really well together.

Make sure you post some qview when you get started cooking. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Good advice. Do you have a suggestion about how best to make them? I've seen pictures, and I've certainly eaten my share in restaurants, but I've never made them myself. Open to all suggestions.
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