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The one time I did butts without foiling, I ended with a lesser yield of meat and although the bark was nice, it pretty dry toward the outside. Of course, I cook by butts at a little higher temperature (250-275). Maybe I'll try putting them in a foil pan next time instead of completely wrapped. Always up for trying something new!
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its not really fine tuned, for my pork I rely more on temp than time. The time is a rough guideline cause there are so many things that cause it to take longer or shorter amounts of time for a large chunk of meat. Ribs are different so you can use the 321 or 221 timed method for ribs.
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a good finishing sauce...just enough to coat the meat not enough to swim in it, will make it moist again :) Pull it and then put about a cup of favorite sauce concoction for every about every 5lbs. thats what I do regardless of how moist or dry it is.
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Looks like most a yer questions has been answered, so heres how I do it.

I smoke ta 165° an then pull my butts an put em in a roaster pan, I got a couple different sizes, put the butt in the one what fits it best. Pop the lid on an inta a 250° oven with a temp probe in it an take em the rest a the way ta 195. Shut the oven down an crack the door open a bit an let em rest fer 2 hours then pull.

I do alotta butts fer caterin an cash/carry sales. Foil was gettin expensive an the pans make it reusable so cheaper. In business all them pennies count.

I have not noticed one bit a difference from finishin em this way over the foil. Many customers wanted to know what I did different cause they were even better then before.

Its what works fer me.

Try some each way an see what yall like best.
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How hot do you run your smoker?
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250°-275° UDS does a fine job on butts.
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Doesnt get much easier than that. Dont mess with perfection right :)
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