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Jeff's Rub

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I just bought Jeff's rub and used pay pal to pay. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the recipe, I am planning on smoking some bb ribs this weekend and would love to try it. Thanks and have a good one!!!
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First of all, you'll love it. You should get the download the same day. I think I got it in five minutes. If you need it faster, e-mail Jeff he might be able to interveen, he is tons of help. Hope you bought the sauce recipie too, its the greatest, I just knocked down the spice for the wife on mine. Take care...
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Check your spam filter. Some of the providers don't like Jeff. I got mine just right after paying for it.
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Jeff has taken care of my situation and I am stoked to try this recipe. Thanks for everyones input and have a great day!!!!
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Like he says, follow it exactly the first time, try it, then make any "tweaks" to it after that first time. I found the sauce changes after a day or two and I was going to change it right away.
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I'm glad everything worked out for you and let me also tell you that you will not be sorry for spending the money and yes It's That Good.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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