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to baste or not

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Im going to smoke a boston butt for 10 hours should i baste at all or just let it smoke,will it dry out,any suggestions?
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I like to give mine a spritz every couple hours
but only after about 3 hours. too soon and you
just spritz the rub off make sure yo go by temp and not just time
depending on the size it could take more or less than 10 hours
what temps are you planning on smoking it at?
will you be pulling it of slicing it? that too makes a difference on the
temp you take it to. 180 or so will do y aif your going to slice it
if your planning on pulling it you need to take it to 205 internal
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Hey Goat,

I like to use a spray bottle and load that up with apple juice, or a concentrated apple juice if doing ribs. You can even play around with that and use apple juice and Capt. Morgan or apple juice and a touch or worchestershire, etc., etc. You get the point.

I like to use this spray it at home depot for six bucks. Pump it up and pull the trigger. Just don't use something that has pulp, as it will clog the inlet tube screen.
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We all baste here we just call it spirtzing. I just let my meat smoke for an hour or and then start spirtzing every hour on the hour or so.
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I got a vertical electric smoker not sure what temp it stays its a kenmore.
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