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Apple Chips

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Hey all, I just got done helping prune my ma's apple trees and I was going to chip the limbs... a couple of questions... should I remove the bark before feeding them to the chipper? and also should I let them season before I chip them or can I go ahead on er and let them season after they are chipped? They were all pretty green limbs so I am going to let them sit a good 6 to 9 months before I even think about using them.
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If it were me, I wouldn't bother removing the bark unless it were diseased or moldy or had some other funk on it. Also, I say go ahead and chip it green. The increase in surface area will assist in speeding the process for seasoning.
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Cool thanks for the info... I wasnt sure about the bark. I haven't made my own chips yet.
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I would say chip a little of the green and see how it dry's.
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I chip it green all the time, just make sure ya don't put it in a large container cause it will mold on ya. Keep turnin it so it will dry quicker without the danger of it moldin.
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