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Preliminary Army Oven Conversion

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1944 Army Field Oven Smoker Conversion Plan
With some help from Bbally I have a preliminary plan for the conversion. Any item with a ? mark by it is still up in the air without a decision made. Input on those items would be helpful.

Wire brush and power wash all surfaces. Lube and repair hinges and sausage hanger swing outs.

Replace 4 sets of grate rails:: Angle iron 22 inches long : 8 pieces

3- cook chamber grates: 19x22 expanded metal

1- 1/8 inch heat deflector shield perforated 1 Inch holes around parameter: Number of holes ? Will also be useful for water pan if used.

1 coal pan slide out: 18x20x8 inches with removable coal grate 2 inches above bottom for ash. ? Metal Handle. Burn times ?

2 -10 inch Guillotine or blade type dampers for exaust. Total 10 sq inches exhaust’

Stove gasket rope for firebox and cook chamber doors.

High heat gasket for lid ?

Rack and 2 grommets for thermometers and leads?

Cheap solid tire hand truck to permanently mount to rear of smoker for mobility.

Paint scheme brushed silver and black

I am going to try and keep all original parts except those required to be repurposed.
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coal pan basket design

The coal pan will be 19x20x8 inches. The original was 18x20 but an existing set of rails will allow the pan to slide in and out. The pan will be built with interior rail front and sides but not back to allow easy dumps. The grey shaded area is a expanded metal basket that will set in the pan on its interior rail system and be removable. A draw pull is on front of pan.

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Thermometer for Gunny Smoker!

I believe I have decided on this thermometer for the Gunny Smoker.
It is a 3 inch adjustable. It will be mounted at top grate level. I would have prefered to mount it in center of cook chamber but the construction of the unit doesn't allow it without relocating a perfectly good grate. As always comments welcome.
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army oven

sounds like this will end up as a great addition to your smoking arsenal.
Great to have at those times when the lang is just to big.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I'm really glad for you Rick and it seems like everything is turming out just fine so far.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif So keep us all informed of your progress
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Thermo choice

I know I have been a pest of sorts with this thread but thought the blow by blow may help others that are novices at pit building like me. After talking with the company that makes the above thermo I linked to It was recommended that if I want that quality of thermo I go with the 2 inch instead of 3 for a flush mount application. Seems the calibration screw on the back of the 3 inch sticks out enouph to be a prob with flush mounts. It was refreshing to have them recommend a cheaper thermo. They seem to really want me to be satified with my purchase.
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3 component Designs For Gunny Smoker

I have drawn 3 of the last 4 component designs for the Gunny Smoker Conversion. Sorry but the 2 trial programs I downloaded to do this won't let a computer non geek to remove their watermarks and info.

The correct measurements are not the ones on the drawing of the pics but in the discriptions of each.

Any suggestions welcome!
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MOve the holes on the defector plate down to 1.5 inch holes and make five across the 19 inch length on each end. Then make 12 on the 22 inch length. Space them as you have already done, but make three out from the edge holes instead of two.

Also on the angle slides. You want to add a catch that acts as a stop on those slides. When you add the rack you can weld a small piece of round stock to peg out the bottom. Make a small catch point on both sides so the rack stops sliding when the two hit. Set the length of pull out distance to that point at which a full load would not bend the rack metal.

The grate design is OK. However it you find expanded Stainless steel instead of straight steel it will last a long time.
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Nice unit! Just picked up 3 for my build!
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Great catch. Thanks Bob!
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Collecting Material

Well the 2 inch therm I picked up was boil tested to 215 F. 3 degrees close for the money I think. I picked up 9 ft 3/4 angle for the rails today.

Talked to a guy that had some 1/8 sheet he would cut to the desired sizes. He wants 25$ for each plate cut to size but without the 1.5 inch holes in the deflector plate. ? Is this high for the plate? I am still lookin for now but curious.
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Gunny jumped 2 hurdles today!

We jumped 2 hurdles today in the conversion. First the SS blast gate for the exhuast damper and secondly a friend donated 3/4 square tube stock and welded the cook grate frames. They fit great. I will do a step by step with pics once closer to being done. Onward!
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Progress Report

Thought I would give a progress report on the Gunny conversion. Todate I have cut out the bad rails, cut and installed replacements, have the steel plate and SS Blast gate damper and thermo in hand. Today Gunny got a second power wash and the ash pan design has changes some. Not having the metal working tools to build one I found a 18x20 Rolled steel Roasting pan with 4 inch sidewalls for 40 bucks. Close to the size planned just slightly smaller. The grate frames have been fabricated and are awaiting expanded metal. I will post pics from beginning to end when Gunny is finished.

Thanks for all the help.
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I will have to say you are so far the master of what in radio and TV they call a "teaser". Kinda like the end of a season cliff-hanger. We're all waiting for the pics!
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