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Andouille, ready for gumbo

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Finished the smoke on a batch of Andouille. Pics are here.

A little extra spicey but will be great for gumbo this weekend.
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Great looking sausage - love your smoke house
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Very nice, 140-160 tell it hits 150, how long did that take and what chips did you use, thanks.
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I use the cheap Brinkmann smoker for my smoke generator. Hang in the smokehouse to start. The smokehouse maxed out at 160 and I smoked them there for about 3 hours. Then moved them to the smoker to finish. It was at about 175-180 by that time since the fire was dying. Took about 30 min to bring them to 150 internal. They were around 138 when I transfered them to the smoker from the smokehouse.

I use the smokehouse for cold smoke. There is a hot plate inside that I turn on to get the 160 otherwise it would be between 80-100.

Used pecan and a little oak. It falls out of the sky down here in Texas.
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Love the sausage.
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Looks mighty tasty!
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Andouille looks great! It's on my "to do" list now.
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Looks wonderful! Great set up you have there.
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Made Gumbo tonight with the Andouille. Great..... The best gumbo I have made in a while. Used the sausage and some crawfish.
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Looks good! What's your recipe for the Andouille?
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Good-lookin product and from a local guy! WTG!
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I used the one from Ruhlman's book Charcuterie and compared it to this one. Kind of tweaked my based on these ingredients.

They were similar but Ruhlman had some extra stuff. I did not use any onions, just a lot of garlic. The test fry was very spicey and I thought I screwed up but after smoking it was very good. Spices mellowed plus I use it in other dishes, like gumbo anyway. The gumbo was the best ever.
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