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marinating boston butt

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Im gona marinade a boston butt over night with spanish mojo should i stab wholes in the meat so the marinade gets inside or not,just not sure if thats good or bad.
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After putting in marinade, be sure to keep meat/marinade at 40ยบ or less.

Run down to the store and buy a injector, they are only like $5.
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#1 on the injector!
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Personally I don't stab holes when I marinade. Sometimes I marinade sometimes I inject and sometimes I just throw them on its all a matter of personal tastes and methods
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I'm slao with theses guy here with the injection method for if you go poking hole in your butt it will give it more places for the marinade and the juices to run out and then dring out your butt. Not good
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