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We are moving our fleet to a different brand because of it. Always been great cars but sometimes there are bigger issues at stake.
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i am a die hard mustang guy....past stangs include: 4 fox bodies, black 03 cobra, and white 03 mach 1...but my buddy just brought over his new ride (black 06 ZO6) and that damn thing is bad still doesnt want any of the Cobra...
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At least Goverment Motors isn't doing like Chrysler and taking OUR money and moving the plants to Mexico! They should have to pay back the money before any thing leaves the country!
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You guys remember this from back in the 70's?

Gapp & Roush came to the drag strip with their "new" 351 ci Cleveland Pro Stock Pinto, after that Bill (Grumpy) Jenkins in his 350 ci Chevrolet went home from every meet crying, he cried SO much NHRA let him run LESS weight per cubic inch just so he could be competitive again! Fords Ruled!!!
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Don't forget about Bob Glidon, he and Roush won about every thing there was.
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