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Real Home Brew

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This has nothing to do with smoking... But I see there are forums for home gardening and all that stuff so I think we need a forum for home brewing.... I am no expert, but buy kits for around $30 that make 48 beers. Takes 6-8 weeks to brew/ferment. But damn worth it. Within a few months I plan on moving up into full extract brewing.. Hope these pics get you juiced and get the site owners to realize if we are gonna be good with cooking we can also do more than a garden and should add some home brewing pages....
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Home brewing of any kind would be good. Beer, wine, any kind of self made drinks would be very cool in my eyes!!
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hahaha I love your "wort chiller"!
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I just brewed a batch of red ale on Monday, and did the exact same thing.

Works great PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
You're boiling, then siphoning to a mid-point bucket, then siphoning again into your primary?
Is that to filter the wort?
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Where are you guys buying these 'kits' from???
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Love the wort chiller! Au natural!

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There's a lot of places to buy kits from. Google "homebrewing supplies".

I used to buy my stuff from Brewing gets mentioned a lot as well.

I need to start brewing's been a few years.
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Williams brewing
Austin Homebrew Supply
Adventures in Homebrewing
Midwest Supplies
Brewers Discount
Great Fermentations

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i would highly recommend northernbrewer.. nothing but positive things about that place...
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THANKS for that, the DELUXE Kit looks great, BUT I'd love to get that KEGGER in the Ultimate Kit!!!

Anyone think that's worth it?
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Nice beer-view!
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