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Jerky Advice

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So I have smoked many different things but have never attempted jerkey. What is the best cut of beef for this. I am thinking flap meat since it is think enough to stay moist. Well not too moist, but not too dry. Any suggestions?
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I have never smoked jerkey but I have made it in my dehydrator several times. I usually use venison roast but I would think that you could make it out of any kind of beef roast you find at the store. If you have a slicer you can make some nice thin pieces.
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I've used top round with good success. I understand London Broil works well too.

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I use eye of round. whatever choose, trim it as lean as possible. The fat will go bad long before the lean.

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I have had good success with London Broil in the dehydrator. I have not tried to smoke it yet.
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+1 .
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I've used bottom round and had some great jerky with it. I just got it because that was what was on sale and it looked lean enough. Turned out great. I've also been told that eye of round and top round are good. Someone I know swears eye of round is best and that's what I'm going to try with my next batch.
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Bottom round and eye of round work really good
any beef that is lean muscle with little or no fat
marbling.sirloin tip works great too if you can get a bargain
on it.
I am putting a batch of venison in the dehydrator this evening and it
is all round and sirloin roast cuts
just think lean
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I have used some sirloin tip roast once and then flank or skirt steak a bunch of time and then alot of venison too. But I have only smoked it once and I need some more learning.
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Whatever is on sale and pretty lean. I sale Alot of jerky and pretty much use london broil because I get it for $1.50#-I slice it 3/8's thick X 3/4" wide and hang with tooth picks on my smoker grates-I can get about 10#s wet into 2 ECB's(4 grates) and Dry with hot plates at 90-100*-with smoke after a couple want more of what your flavoring with than smoke flavor so don't over load with smoke-mine takes about 12-16 hrs.I yeild about 1/3rd of wet weight when dried.And to date not a complaint.Good luck and PM if u need any help.
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Around 80% of the jerky i make is from Deer meat (ground or whole muscle meat), the other part is beef and its mostly ground except for brisket that i turn into jerky for a few buckskinners here in my area as they want jerked meat as close to the original as possible,(Tiff as leather) but i cheat alittle and slice and cut it so i have 1/4 by 1/4 strips then lightly spiced and put into the dehydrator.

but if your grinding the meat it doesn't really matter on the cut but remove all the fat you may see.
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At our restaurant we use the bottom round flat. If sirlion tips go on sale, then that is a treat but rarely is it cost effective. Good luck
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