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75lbs of pulled pork!!

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wife ask us to cook some pulled pork for the school fair so we ordered 75lbs of butts here's a picture of them cooked was to tired to take a picture after pulling . lol going to have to find a machine for that. lol Got hungry & made some extra's while waiting, ABT's


bunt ends

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nice looking butts, and snacks too
did you weigh the pulled pork to see what you netted
out of 75# of butts?
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yes ended up with 36.5lbs.
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Looks like you need some help eating all that pork! On my way!! ;-)
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Lookin good Gene
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Nice job it all looks good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif gonna be lots of good eating
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That's a lot of meat!
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Great job - the fund raiser had to be a success and best of all, you got to cook, and pull, and pull, and pull................any more of those and you'll have forearms like Popeye.
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Nice lookin grub there. Let me know if you need any help eating, err, getting it to the fundraiser.
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That is a great looking smoke. Congrats on pulling it off for the fund raiser
Great looking snack baskets in the backround too!
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Where did you get the burnt ends from did you have them frozen from another smoke or did you make them from the butts?
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Does your wife know my wife cause she volunteered me for a good size smoke too. Now you did a great ob on yours and I sure everyone will really enjoy it too. It's not alot of fun to pull it all but you will feel alot better once it's done too.
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Came from a brisket we did last weekend!
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Now that there is "Hog Heaven"! points.gif
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Q licious

All that pork will help the kids I Q...

Thanks for sharing the great pics..
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OMG----That all looks sooooo good !!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Very nice job that looks great. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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that looks fantastic! I especially like to see that many abt's in one place!
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Even with bear claws that's alot of pork to pull. Great looking smoke!
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