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12lbs of snack sticks this weekend!!!

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Had wife pick up some roast thought i'd make another batch of snack sticks this weekend aslo!!!


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Nice work. Did you use a kit or was this from scratch?
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used kit i got from Bass Pro!
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Man those look really good and are they spicey or just regular. I do like the looks of those roast and looking at them I hope you have a card. We have a grocery store here thats about the smae with ome really good deals with the card too.
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Lawdy they look great! Is there an airport near you?? points.gif
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Made half regular rhen added some spices & cayanne to the other half.
Did have a card for the store to.
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How long do you smoke them for and what temps?
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Roughly 2hrs at around 200-220. usually stick a temp probe in one about 1hr into it to keep an eye on it. Been ussing my reverse flow but going to have to build a smoke house i think!!!!
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Yes inquiring minds what to know more details, looks too good to not know. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks now what type of chips do you use? thanks
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used hickory & cherry mixed in the firebox.
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Ok, so this may be a dumb question, but I'd like to try to make my own sticks and have no clue how to do it.

How do you stuff the casings? Where do you buy casings, cures, seasoning, etc.? I've seen a few websites where they sell a complete kit with everything a person would need. Are those good?

Help a rookie out! Thanks so much!
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i bought a #8 lem grinder at basspro which has stuffing attachments with it as for casings & stuff bought a high mountain kit at bass pro also.
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Dude, nice color! Those look delish. Do you have a photo of the reverse flow?
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Did you grind once

Did you use the #8 plates are they considered fine or coarse?

A friend of mine did a batch and they were really bumpy I thought his meat might have not been lean or he used coarse plates but the #8 looks about what he used.
I hope he didn't use the 14mm plates
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Found a LEM 5lb vertical kit for $150. LEM 5lb sausage stuffer, spices, cookbook, all sizes of tubes, and some various meats included. $189 marked down.........good deal?
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