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Not happy with Traeger

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I bought a new traeger grill about 3 weeks ago, and after paying $999.00 for the grill I am wondering if I made the right decision. It works well for ribs, but anytime I try to cook a brisket or a butt, they seem to come out dry. I contacted the store where I bought it, and said they would take it back. I have read mixed reviews about this grill. The salesman at the store said I should try the wsm. Any words of advice? Thanks!
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Welcome to our SMF family! I'm sure many will come with help, but first off, would you kindly post in ROLL CALL and let us know about yourself!
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I've cooked many a butt on the Traeger, how about giving us some specifics on how you are cooking it. Maybe there is something we can help you with.

Internal Temp
Want to slice or Pull
Do you Foil

Welcome to SMF!
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I watched a guy with a Traeger take 2nd in the Brisket competition I was at so I would guess there is a solution to your problem.
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First off welcome to SMF. I think you should give it a few more trys before you give up on the smoker. There are alot of folks here that have that smoker and they put out some really good lookig Q. Now if we all gave up on our first bad smoke this place would be pretty darn empty. Don't give up and we are all here for you. We will answer all your questions. Just stop into Roll Call and give us some info on you and your smoker and where you are and all that stuff then just sit back read and learn the great new world of smoking meat. Welcome.
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I'm not trying to be mean here but I think the problem is the cook, not the cooker. biggrin.gif Trust me, it happens. wink.gif I've been there but with charcoal.

Anyway, LOTS of people turning out great Q on Treagers -- many of them are top KCBS teams.

Having said that, please provide a little more info like Carpetride said and I'm sure we can steer you in the right direction.

If I had to guess based on nothing but what I've read here and conversations I've had with a couple of Treager owners, I'd guess you were using the "Smoke" setting which only cooks at about 185°. Use the next highest setting which I believe gets you about 275°. It's unfortunate that the Treager presets don't give you something like 250° but given the choice between 185° and 275°, I think you'd be better off with 275°.

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Just like a new girlfriend you need to figure them out. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I agree with everyone's post above. I would hate to see you get rid of a nice smoker/grill like that
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If you haven't already, i would upgrade to the digital thermostat so you have more variation in your temps. Standard is smoke, low and high i believe, maybe a medium in there. The digi's allow you to chose between 180 and 450 at 25 degree increments. Huge difference.

I have smoked ribs, butts, loins, you name it and have been blown away. The brisket is a whole 'nother beast. They are great cookers, but will not do all the work on their own. I can easily create shoe leather on mine.

Might be jumping the gun taking it back because ya haven't turned out top notch que. They are excellent cookers, and wouldn't continue to sell for their high price if they were junk.

oneshot, where you at? this fella needs to hear from some proud traeger owners! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Hi, I'm oneshot (Steve) and have had a Traeger for almost 4 years. I can help you with yours, don't take it back. You can do almost anything with these, you made a great choice when you bought it!!!!! Whatever your problem I'm sure I can help you fix it. Post what you did and I will get you straightened out.
And a WSM isn't as easy to use as a Traeger.

Hang in there buddy!!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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How and the hell-o can you turn out shoe leather on a Traeger????icon_mrgreen.gif
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A buddy of mine got me into smoking, he uses a treager and puts out some awesome food of all kinds of q. I probably wouldn't have a smoker now if it weren't for some of the meals I ate off of it. Hang in there it's a hell of a pit.
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Easy, too many beers and/or fall asleep with a brisket flat on the rack!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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If it was me id sell the Traeger, and buy a WSM, and buy some meat and lump with the extra $$$. icon_wink.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

seriously now, I have heard good things about these electric smokers, and if I ever decided to buy an electric smoker it would be the only one I looked at or would consider buying.

listen to the Traeger experts on here(there are quite a few), they will get you straightened out. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Quote:Originally Posted by oneshot
How and the hell-o can you turn out shoe leather on a Traeger????icon_mrgreen.gif

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So you are saying you can figure out WOMEN ? You might want to write a book about that .PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I just purchased a traeger on July 4th. I did some baby back ribs and the were very tough..what temp should I be cooking these at? What did I do wrong?
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