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Char Grillerrrrrrrrr

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Academy has this Outlaw. Only difference I see is that it is bigger and might use more fuel. Anyone have NE thoughts? Nice price with the FSB.

Might pick one up on Sat.
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Also this one.

BUt I have never heard of it????
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The Outlaw is indeed a bit longer than the SuperPro. Might use a bit more fuel, but if you are gonna be smoking those large loads it's a great deal.
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I believe that the New Braunfles is the Char-Broil Silver Smoker.
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I thought it was a decent deal. It comes with SFB etc.. Still lots work left for the mods and all.

It would be my first go at the side FB smokers. Im hoping to control my heat a lil better with this one.

Ill pik one up this weekend and assembleeeeeee
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oh ok. I knew I had never heard of them before.
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