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You will like your uds, Great job on the build, i like that air intake you have how does it work? Does it maintain good temps?ohh and from what i have read on here you get better results using charcoal in it than you do using the natural kind, am having a brain fart cant remember what its called lol
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThat's a pretty nifty looking UDS. Looking forward to Q-views of its maiden smoke.
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I can't really speak to how well the intake works since I just built it. I did however just shut her down after 6 hours at a pretty steady temp. The only real fluctuation I encountered was if I took the lid off. If I did that the temp spike a good 25-50 depending on how long I had the lid off.

As far as the charcoal... I think you mean briquettes instead of lump. I prefer lump over briquettes for the flavor difference so I'm gonna stick with that.
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How can you call this a UDS???

I believe you have just created a new category for smokers.....BDS(Beautiful Drum Smokers)!

Now you have me searching Craigslist for junk Webers.

Next thing we will see is an "All Chrome" version of a UDS.

Great Post!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I finally finished build my UDS the other day. Today I did a test/seasoning run with it. Tomorrow I'm smoking baby back ribs for an Easter/B-day party. The original plan was for 15 racks but after some cancellations I'll only be smoking 12 racks. Still quite a big smoke for me. I'm starting this thread tonight as I start the process.

First a picture of the new UDS.

The rib racks I'll be using. The first is a rack that holds 8 made by Traeger. The second is one that holds 6. I can't remember who makes it.

Now on to prepping the ribs for tomorrow.

First here's a shot of the cryopacked ribs. We got them at Sams for $2.92/lb. Not too bad a deal I suppose.

Rinsed them and removed the membrane.

Slathered in mustard and ready for the rub. I'm using John Henry's Pecan rub on most of the racks. I also have spicier rub for the guys that like em hot on a few.

Coated nicely for their nap. Will apply more before they go in the smoke.

All rapped up and ready to go nighty night in the fridge icon_mrgreen.gif .

Whew! That was a lot of work.

Well everyone it was a unbridled success! They came out fantastic. They may not have been the prettiest ever but given the fact I had to use ribs racks I think they look OK. As you can see a few of them got a little more done than others due to the difference in thickness but were still fantastic. I was able to achieve near rock steady temps during the entire smoke except when I first put them on. It took about 25 mins. to get the temp back up to 225 with the intake wide open. After that it was smoooooth sailing. I just want to thank all those that have taken the time to post how they built their UDS's. I drew from all of them and am very pleased with the results!

On to the pRon!

Here they are nestled in the racks.

Just out after 2.5 hrs. in the smoke. Man I need some grilling gloves so I can handle the meat without burning my fingers!

All wrapped up and then back in for 1.5 hrs.

And all finished resting for a few before getting devoured. As you can see I did not sauce them. I let everyone decide what sauce they wanted instead. Some like them naked too.

Here's a few cut and ready to eat! Man I need a sharper knife.

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That drum is nice. The intake is awesome, and so is the lid mods.

The qview looks great

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Nice drum, and Ribs. So are the lower racks for a water pan? Also I found that i like Lump way better than briq's in my drum, longer cook times and way less ash when done.
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Yes, I used a water pan on the bottom rack. I plan to experiment with placement of different diffusers at the different heights. For the ribs pictured I used the water pan from my ECB on the grate closest to the charcoal basket.
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I will have to try it
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Ooutstanding build! The stainless was a huge score and I like the air intake...I may borrow that idea for mine!
points.gifto ya!

you know that stainless can shine like chrome if you polish it... I'm just sayin!!!
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Thanks for the compliments fellas. However I can't take credit for any of the build ideas. I incorporated them from other people's builds that went before me. I am just thankful that they took the time to take pictures and share the ideas with the rest of us.

If you haven't seen THIS THREAD and you're wanting to build a UDS check it out.

Oh and here's a shiny UDS like you're talking about....

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Sweet build!

Fantastic build! That SS is great. One of the best I've seen so far!points.gif

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man thats way too many pages to read through!! they need to condense the good info that sucks hha they dont take care of their site like Jeff does lol
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That polished Stainless Steel ROCKS!!!! definetely NOT Ugly by any stretch of the imagination... I am now on a quest for a SS drum...
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Stainless is always nice, keep up the good work..

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Ok guy's i know im late to this thread, but the question i have is how do you add wood to the fire if needed?

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Superb build, I can't believe that I missed this thread until now.


I also am on a quest for a SS drum.

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Best place I have found for a Stainless Barrel is Bubba's Barrels.



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Man, that's awesome! I have a question, did you make that intake? if so can I see the specs and stuff? I need an intake for my build. And that one is awesome!

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