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Beer Advocate traders

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Just curious if any of you on here are also on Beer Advocate as well, and are up for some beer/sauce trading. I love a good sauce as well as getting sauced on good beer, and would enjoy trading some local beers/sauces with any of you. Being in Metro Detroit, I have access to a lot of awesome beers.
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It all tastes good with enuff Kalu in ittongue.gifActully, I like it on ice with some heavy cream.
But useally what ever the venda-bait machine kicks out at work.
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im down for trading some good local brews
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im on beer advocate but i have never done any of the beer trading... i might be interested.. I can get a good selection of Schlaflys (St.Louis) and Blue Grass Brewing Company (BBC from Louisville, KY) send me a msg if u r interested
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I screwed up and posted here, thot it was tyhe coffee threadmad.gif
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I have looked at the beer advocate site on occasion. Good stuff. I live in Omaha, Ne and have easy access to a few good micro brews. Boulevard brewery and Empyrean brewery are both close enough that I have easy access. There are also a few specialty beer stores in town that have some obscure beers.

Good idea!
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I'm going to start brewing my our beer.. just got a kit for Vday ... hope i can start brewing this weekend... will post as im doing it..
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I'm on BA but I never do any trading. If your interested let me know! I'm in WI so I can get anything local if you want. Most of the stuff from MI we get here too. I'm a sucker for some Bells Two Hearted or Hopslam and a big fan of Founders Double Trouble. Let me know if there is anything from WI you are interested in and we can work something out!
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PM's sent! If anyone wants some MI beers from Bells, Founders, Shorts, etc.. let me know. I live close to a lot of the good breweries in the Detroit area like Dragonmead, Kuhnhenn, etc...
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And Slim can get some of those nice Bourbon Ales that the rest of us can't get.
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I'm on BA but I haven't done any trading. I use it mostly to research beer. Another member of our brew club trades constantly! He's been very happy with the process and he's good about sharing. LOL!

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i can also get the bourbon ales.. i still have a couple bourbon barrel ales from Schlaflys that were released on in KY if anyone is interested... hit me up...
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I'm looking for some Pliny the Younger, if anyone sees it or can get it, let me know!
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