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Rollin a fattie tomorrown and Smoking on Friday

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Heading to Oregon for some late season goose hunting, I want to roll a couple of fatties tomorrow (Tuesday) and keep in the fridge/cooler until Friday, just wondering if that is a good idea or will things start to get soggy, I was also thinking about freezing Tuesday night and tossing in the cooler for the drive over and by Friday it would be thawed and ready to smoke. Any suggestions? I could just bring all of the ingredients and make it when I get there but would rather not if I can avoid it.
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The one thing I would caution on if you freeze is the eggs. If you are going to add eggs do not add any water or milk or they will crystalize and emit water when thawed. At least that was my personal experience
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Not doing any eggs, doing a couple of pizza fatties, one hot one not. Probably won't do pizza sauce, just cheese and peperoni, maybe some mushrooms and green peppers.
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Now those sounds like a great idea there coffee. A fattie are great for the hunt camp easy to re-heat and really filling too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I would freeze the thing and then throw it in your cooler when you head out.
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I rolled them last night and threw them in the cooler, two of the hugest pizza fatties I have ever seen, stuffed to the gills. There will be a smoker at the cabin cuz we are smokin some butts and chicken on Saturday. I plan on smoking them on friday for snacks while we are drinking whiskey and playing cards. Heading out tonight and should get there tomorrow around noon. I cant wait! It has been two years since I have seen my old hunting buds! I hope the fatties will impress them.
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Have they ever had or heard of a fatty? If not you are going to make them go crazy. And even if they have they are still going to love them.
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They have never heard of or tried a fattie, it is gonna be sweet to see their reactions!
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