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Yoshidas Chop on the Holland

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Had my local meat shop cut a dozen of these bone in chops at 1.5 inches thick. Marinated overnite in Yoshidas and threw it on the Holland with some smoke pellets. Not exactly smoking but not grillin' either!

My first experiment with Yoshidas and I have to say....I Love it...thanks Ron!

The Yoshidas seems to give the meat a "seared" look that is usually not present on meats cooked on the Holland. Neat trick..

Yeah, that's a full size plate!

This chop was great with mashed taters and blackeyed peas. Thankfully, there are 11 more of them in the freezer and plenty of Yoshidas in the fridge!
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You are welcome your glaze looks great as does the chop. Yes it does give a nice color.points.gif
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Great looking chops, what flavor yoshidas did you use?
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The Chops Look Delicious... Nice Job...points.gif
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Original, its good
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Good looking chop, yoshidas is the bomb, I have used Yoshidas since I lived in Alaska back in 1993, folks like to use it on Salmon and Halibut, but its good on all kinds of meat, I use it all the time.
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Am sure that it was delicious
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