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Did Excalibur ever fix the main body cracking issue? I went thru 2 of them that all cracked. They were supposed to go with a new high temp body. But thats been like 15 years ago.

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Have to agree with Hogfan, as Excalibur is top notch.  Reviews were 5 stars.  I probably made $1,000's of $$ of jerky with mine, over the years.  Only thing I recommend is to move the trays, every  hour and 1/2.  Take lower tray, turn front to back and move them up one level.  Seems to get a more evenly cooked  product in the end.  Also, I flip the jerky over after 4 1/2 hrs, as the bottom doesn't dry like the top. 

Don't go with a round dehydrator.  Had one and it was a pain.  Never got hot enough but for some it works.

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I have the cabelas 160 liter, I have been using for 5 years...It is great !!!!!!!!!  I sell 100 bags a week with this machine. It has more than payed for itself.

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I couldn't live without my Cabella's dehydrator I have had it for 7 years now .. with the digital .. I have had several others but would not trade it off for anything ..

One issue is ... Their customer service totally stinks if you have any issues with their products .. Thank goodness my husband is great with electronics!!


Another if you plan on doing any smaller fruits or veggies you have to buy the sheets to line the wire racks .. I went to the craft store and got Plastic Canvas biggrin.gif if you look its about the same thing .


Good luck in your search and I hope you find what your looking for .

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I have had my 80L for years with no problems, also the digital. The problem with the digital it has plastic racks and when they start to break, good luck.

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