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Lang Smokers

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I am new to smoking and have been investigating smokers on this site and others. From what I have read, many people consider the Lang smoker to be one of the best. What are the characteristics, properties, design elements, etc. that make the Lang so good? Even though Lang is out of my price range, I'm trying to learn what makes a great smoker. Thanks all.
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I think above all else is consistent tempatures throughout the length of the cooking chamber would be a big priority.
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There are many excellent smokers out there, I have a Lang and like the ease of maintaining the temps across the cooking area due to the reverse flow plate, Clean up is a snap. I can Q, keep warm or grill a steak in the warmer. All 1/4 inch steel makes it easier to hold temps once you get it there. and wood is cheaper than charcoal.
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What garyt said is correct. I have about only a 12 degree diff from right to left or top to bottem at any given time in my Lang. They are just well built and the reverse flow and large grease drain do the job well. Controll after about 2 burns is easy. Once ya get the hang of it you can count on doing fire maintance (adding wood) about once an hr. Just a pleasure to use.
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What they said ^^^^ Oh and the fact that it will last a couple hundred years doesnt hurt either.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I just got my lang smoker yesterday, and let me tell you, when i hooked that bad boy up, and starting pulling it with my truck, you could tell it was a tank, it's all 1/4 steel, and just waiting for saturday to get here and smoke on it. I didnt really want to pay the high price for it, but glad im did now, i think it's the best there is.
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while i would love a lang for the reasons stated above i think it is the trial and error of an individual's experiences............
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I have had the previledge to smoke on one and it really nice it hold temp real goos so you can open it do what ever to the meat and it would lose much heat at all. Then it cooks evenly also. Well worth the money and let me tell you I'm still saving.
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Congrats Hogfan !!! You will love it ... Happy smokes and welcome to the lang club icon_mrgreen.gif
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See after only one day you realize it was worth all the grief you had to put up with like I said you would. After all that I bet you had a smile on your face all day. and you went through a lot, Ill give you credit for that.
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I have not seen how the deluxe warmer works, is there an opening from the firebox you can open and close?
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A couple of them, two from the smoke chamber into the warmer and two that put direct heat from the fire box into it, you can crank up the temps and grill a steak while making ABT's
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What he said^^^^^^^
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new 2 me smoker

can some one tell me how to post a picture on here?
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It can be found in your Roll Call post:

Or just follow his link: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=82034
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new 2 me lang 108

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i just bought this smoker it work's great!!!

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Congrats Bob that is a huge smoker. What kind of plans do you have for it?
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