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Save your scraps and trimmings?

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When you guys trim up meats for other you save the trimmings and fat scraps?

I trimmed up a 4lb chuck roast yesterday for some soup....and I saved the fat and trimmings in case I might need some extra fat for sausage.

I have 10lb of pork loin that is soon to become Canadian bacon. I'll save those trimmings as well.

Just wondering if anybody else saves 'em for sausage?
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I save my trimmings.Hate having to pay for fat
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I never have but after several other members were talking about saving theirs I think I may start saving mine. Seems stupid to throw it away and then pay for some at a later time. Makes sense to me. And now that I finally picked up a second chest freezer I have room for more stuff so I am set.
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Pork fat yes.....but that is because most of the sausages I make call for it or need the extra.

Beef fat.....not so much. Because of what I make, I don't have much use for the beef fat. Am currently smoking a brisket and the fat I trimmed from that I'm grinding up for the birds.
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Yeah....wasn't sure how much use I'd have for beef fat....who knows?

I can't see paying for extra fat either.
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I sometimes save both just depends on whats going on. I use the pork fat for sausage and the beef fat for venison burger
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Yeah....venison burgers would be great for the beef fat.....but I'd need some stinkin venison first! I did not see one deer this season, but I was working 12 hour days during most of deer season. Saw five in my back yard last week though.
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If I get the itch to try sausage (buy grinder, stuffer, etc.) I will but for now, unless the bride wants if for stock, it goes in the garbage.
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