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Stuffed Pork Loin

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I am going to attempt one of these today following Big Train's spinach & cheese idea.

Can someone tell me what internal I should be looking for and a ballpark on time for these? Thanks everyone!
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Internal of 160 and it will probably take about 3 hours according to your smokin temp.
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Well I always use to pull mine around 160 but I was watching a few cooking shows such as Emeril recently and they were pulling theirs at around 130. It seems that the internal temps keep going lower and lower these days because of strict meat handling rules???
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I was thinking 140° might be OK. Nice buck by the way!!
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This is stuffed you guys. It has to go to 160. If it were whole you could get away with lower internal temps. Stuffed has to go to 160.
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Can you explain the difference between why stuffed vs. unstuffed has to be different? I have never done mine different if they were stuffed or not. But like I said I usually take mine to a higher temp.
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Once you cut into a piece of meat it is contamintated internally. Stuffing presents another place for bacteria to grow. To effectively kill off the potential growth of bacteria, your internal temp should be 160 degrees... reaching 140 in less than 4 hours from internal 40 degrees. There are basically two rules.. intact muscle rule and compromised muscle. If it's probed from the beginning, it is compromised. If it is brined or injected or stuffed, it's compromised. Intact muscle doesn't have to be taken to 160 because nothing has been introduced to the inside. There is a lot of great info on this in the safety section. It's not so much stuffed or unstuffed, more like compromised and intact muscle regardless of the method.
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Ok Yea that makes sense. I just thought it was strange that stuffed would make a difference but yes compromised and intact makes perfect sense to me. Good explanation! Thanks
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Thanks for the great explanation! Qview to follow!
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