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Smoke-Grilled Muffin Cup Chicken Thighs

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Not Myron Mixon style, except for the use of a muffin pan. First time I've done thighs - ever. Turned out very tasty - kids and family promptly scarfed them down. Next time I pick these up, I'll pick up more and do extra for the freezer.

Did not brine these boneless / skinless thighs, really didn't even trim them up much - hopefully y'all don't consider that heresy! icon_wink.gif I did use a one-hour wet marinade using some of my usual seasonings - stuff from Penzy's, some chicken jerk seasoning, worcesteshire, lot's of garlic and pepper, saltless greek seasoning, with some other special ingredients for good measure.

After the marinade, I put a small squirt of Parkay into each muffin pan, then tucked each marinaded thigh into it's very own little cooking space. I did have to go back and trim one or two thighs up to fit in the pan like the others. While these were coming to room temp, I went out and prepped the grill.

I fired up my P3 Broilmaster propane grill - didn't use the 40" MES - and set the temp on high to heat things up. I removed the left grill plate and set the right two grill plates on the highest level from the fire. Then I put a small chunk of peach and some apple wood chips into a small foil tray I folded and placed it on the lava rocks on the left side of the Broilmaster where I removed the grill plates.

After things got hot, and TBS was wafting, I turned the right side of the Broilmaster off and turned the left side of the P3 down low. I placed the muffin pan on the right side of the Broilmaster and shut 'er up. I checked the temp, and made adjustments to keep the temperature at the muffin pan level right around 300 degrees F. Thirty-five minutes later, I checked the internal temperature on the thighs, and they were right at 175 to 180. At this point I pulled each from the muffin pan and turned the Broilmaster up to crisp up the thighs a bit. After about 8 minutes or so directly over the fire, had some nice crisp on the thighs, just a hint of charing, so I pulled them.

Took the thighs into la casa, and dipped each in my pre-heated sauce, them put them on a plate to rest. After dipping each, I tented loosely with foil for about 10 minutes and placed them on the dinner table. The rest is history.

I like how they turned out - again, I've never done thighs before. Seeing the boys doing muffin pan thighs on Pitmaster inspired me to do it, and I'm now glad I did - we'll definitely do these again - super easy and delish!! Appreciate all the tips I picked up here on SMF's!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Here is a pic. Certainly not competition que, but again, delicious - and my kids are picky eaters - they liked these.
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They look awesome thanks for sharing
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Nothing wrong with that bird! icon_smile.gif
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Nice thighs my favorite.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looking good, i love cooking thighs

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Look great to me, I looked at some at the market today but chose the legs instead,  


Thanks for the kick I needed to give it a try.

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