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Chicken Wings

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i smoked chicken wing till they where done tasted good and juicy than i put bbq sauce on em and threw em on the grill just for like 10 min to cook the bbq sauce on well it dryed em out a lil is there a way i can add bbq sauce on the smoker well i now i can but can i add it the last 10 min or last hour or when?
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I like to fry my wings for 3-4 minutes after I smoke them. when you fry the wings, it gives it the “crispiness” a wing must have. If your not willing to fry them, best advice I can give you is microwave your sauce instead of grilling the wings with the sauce.
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The way your doing it is fine, just grill them indirect. The smoker will leave them rubbery unless you smoke em hot.

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I like to do my wings either raised direct, or indirect but I run my cooker a little hotter. If you do that, put your sauce on in the last 1/2 hour or so. What kind of sauce are you using? I made some wings Sunday that didn't need any - I just gave them a little dusting of rub and let them rip...
I was running out of fuel so I did crisp them up on the gasser, bit none of them were dry -
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