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3-2-1 Baby Backs Perfect....

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I've heard and read that 321 is for spare ribs and not baby backs, but my family and neighbors say different. The BEST ribs I've ever had. Pick up the bone and the meat just falls off. Thanks Jeff....
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Well like everything else hear it's all up to your personal flavor, texture, or liking how long you smoke things. All the times are subject to change. I like my spares 3-2.5-45 for the way I want mine.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The reason they say do 2-2-1 is because you dont want them fall off the bone. You want it to pull cleanly from the bone and 2-2-1 gives you that. That being said some people prefer fall off the bone. Glad they were good.
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i'm on stage 2 with the batch i'm doin and i didn't have apple juice so i made do with applesauce thinned down with water. we'll see how they turn out when i post the qview.
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Lots of variables and also depends on what one is looking for in the baby backs. I like a little bit of a tug. I have done 2-2-1 and 3-1-1 for baby backs. Next time, I am going to try 2.5-1.5-1. I spritz with apple juice and use a little bit of apple juice when foiling.
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Some folks don't really like 'em that way. A lot of folks would say those were overcooked. Most people want a little tug -- even 2-2-1 is sometimes a little too long for that.icon_mrgreen.gif

BUT if you and your friends and family like 'em that way, rock on. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif That's who you're cooking for.

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Well like grandpa said "Jimmy we all got different taste, elsewise we'd all be chasing grandma."

Glad you liked them.
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sound overcooked to me, I guess if you and your guests like them is all that matters
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Yeah - ribs are strange that way. With most other meat entrees it's either undercooked, just right, or over cooked - plain and simple. With ribs, some folks just insist that they fall apart before they're done to their liking. Actually, maybe MOST folks that I've talked to...

I'll cook them however my guests want them, so if they need to be that tender, I'll keep one slab in the foill longer.

However, I'm with the "traditionalist" crowd on this one...if I pick up the slab and the bones just fall out, then I should have just done pulled pork - not ribs! $2.00 - 3.00 less per pound for about the same taste result as fall apart ribs, really - but a lot less yield.

To be honest, sometimes I like them extra tender, but usually a good pull on them yet. The other factor, is that someday I want to do small, regional comps - and fall apart ribs are considered overcooked and not winners, so I'm trying to always practice for that type of situation...

Man - I can't WAIT to do some more ribs...still 6" of snow on the ground here and I don't like tracking that in the house all day while I'm cooking on the stick burner, so it will have to wait. Damn!
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