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pork chops

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I just fired the wsm up and put a rack of spares on about 30 minutes ago. The fiance decided she wants pork chops. So I just seasoned them a little and tossed them on the smoker as well. I was thinkin I will smoke them for about and hour and then finish them up at high temp. Is this reasonable thinkin or should I try a different method?
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Sounds good to me. Just put them on the grill at a really high temp and just long enough to sear them or they will dry out in a hurry.
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Thanks, I always like to run my ideas past people who know what they are doing :)
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What Dave said.
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Depends on how thick they are. Thicker ones or thin I would check and pull then pull at 140º.

My wife is particular about pork, so I can't serve it less than 160º. At 140º you should have enough juicy insides to get nice grill on them, cook until 160º.
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Yep. Use a thermometer and not a clock.

With pork chops, I prefer a hot grill and they don't take very long at all. If I want a little more smoke flavor, I'll start them on the cool side of the grill and finish over high heat (reverse sear).
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all great tips. I just pulled them off the smoker at about 130 and will finish them up now. thanks to everyone for their advice. I'm using oak and cherry wood so I think these should be great. Nice lunch to get ready for the ribs later!
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Hey Trot,

Report back on how your chops came out. I have a bunch of chops waiting for a similar "fate".

In my old NYC neighborhood, I remember getting these AMAZING, thick, smoked, pink pork chops from an old, established German Deli (in business over 90 years). The owner just told me to put them in tented aluminum foil with a bit of water for like 20 minutes under medium heat. They rocked!! I would like to reproduce those chops. Any takers...or is Trot doing basically what I want to do?

Thanks in advance!
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hey insight, The chops turned out really good. I took them off the smoker at around 130 and then finished them to about 170. I did not do any foil with water or anything though that is probably a good idea. I just hit them with some apple juice twice while they were on the smoker. They came out with some smoke flavor and were not dried out. My fiance was happy so I am happy!

I wish I had a decent camera so I could post some q view. Maybe that should be next on my list of "to buys" instead of an ET-73.
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The foil thingie was for after smoking while the smoked chop was refrigerated and was waiting for me, the customer, to buy it...and eat it!
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got ya....thought you meant it was some type of method to keep it from drying out.
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I probably did not make myself clear. PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Well around this house we like our pork alittle on the rare side not alot of pink but maybe a touch of the pink.
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These chops at that deli were definitely slightly pink..and fully cooked. Hmmmmmmmm..............
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