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Weekly Pork Ribs w/tart wash - w/q-view

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Doing my weekly batch of ribs to feed my pork rib cravings. Got a buddy coming over to watch some Olympics, and the Blackhawks later.

(3) slabs of bb ribs - $2.78/lb. @ RD.

Rinsed them with water, then rinsed them with vinegar. Patted dry and removed the membranes. Slathered with mustard, and applied my rub. In the fridge for the past couple hours waiting.

Typically I just let the smoker do its work and dont mess with the ribs. Today I am trying a version of Gary Wiviott's tart wash found in the book Low and Slow.

tart wash:
3/4 cup cranberry juice
1/4 cup oil
2 tsp my rub.

got the mix in a squeeze bottle and going to squirt some of this on the bbs around the 2 hour mark.

also going to do some beans with some kilbasa I will smoke on the WSM.

WSM is getting ready to do its majic, ring loaded with lump, and some wood, chimney starter getting ready. Temps in the mid 20's no wind. Should be a good smoke:

BB's rinsed and membrane removed:

slatered and rubbed with my rub:

tart wash:

WSM should be ready in the next 30-40 minutes. more pics later

thanks for looking
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Let me see you and 1 buddy are going to eat all them ribs. WOW thats alot of ribs and you got a pretty good deal on them too. I also like Restuarant Depot.
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There will probably be a couple bones leftover.

thanks Mark, knew I could count on you to check out what I was doing today.
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Never heard of a "tart wash". I am waiting to see and hear how this turns out.
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Ive used a version before with apple juice, and similar ingredients in a spray bottle(when I used to spritz my ribs), this time its cranberry juice and a squirt bottle, I bet it adds some nice color, and moisture.

I just like to try new things I guess. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Beautiful looking ribs Jim.

That cranberry has got me wondering if the tart will decrease or increase in flavor as you heat it and add smoke. My initial thought would be decrease and be a little sweeter. But an interesting wash for sure.

Are you going to put the wash on just the one time at 2 hour mark or more later?
Please let us know how the wash flavor profile comes through. Looks like you are doing everything else the same as usual, so it should give you an excellent chance to taste the difference. As I am rambling on...I am just interested in your results.

Thanks for sharing.
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yep a standard smoke other than the tart wash. I believe I will just give it a squirt @ the 2 hour mark, and see how it goes. i will see if i need to reapply the rub at that point, or if the rub in the wash will make that unnessary. My bb's on the WSM have been taking about 4 hours.

gotta go get the kilbasa, and ribs on.
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previousy smoked store bought kilbasa is on(I like to smoke the presmoked stuff for 45 minutes or so to get the flavor kicked up).

Also 3 racks are on 2 up top 1 down low.

WSM doing what it does best...TBS & holding temps..

some more pics in about an hour when i pull the kilbasa, mix it in with the beans, and get the beans on.
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For the couple folks who are following, ribs about an hour in, beans with kilbasa on the bottom rack.

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It looks great!
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I was running low on Jim Beam, so i ran over to the liquor store, grabbed a bottle, and tossed some of that in the tart wash. about 30 or so minutes before I apply the wash.
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Nice looking smoke Jim! Love that Jim Beam too!! points.gif
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ribs are done, really nice, wash kept them moist, I probably applied it 3 times once at the 2 hour mark and once @ 3 and 4 hours.

pics downloading now, too lit to post them tonight

these were my best ribs according to the wife. I thought they were really good.
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Jim, great job as always.... I wish i smoked 1/4 of the times u do.... I'll take a couple of bones if Mark leaves any points.gif
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thanks as always, pics are downloading, but I am pretty sure I am going to crash. ill post them when I get to work tomorrow.
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finished pics,

Top 5 alltime ribs I have done(I do alot of bb's).

After almost a year of tinkering my rub it is finally where I want it to be. My rub holds its own with any I have ever tried, gald I dont have to shell out $$$ for someone elses rub.

approx 3 hours in, after tart wash applied for 2nd time:

done and resting, pre glaze:


stack o' ribs:

RD ribs did the job again, right price, no chemical injections, and nice and meaty.

These took a little over 4 hours on the WSM using RO lump, and hickory. Temps were in the mid 20's with a slight wind out of the nw. I applied the wash about 3 times during the smoke. The sweet and tart of the cranberry juice, my rub, and the adder of the Jim Beam really turned out some flavorfull, and nice looking ribs imho. I will be using this method from now on.

thanks to the folks who have checked these out.
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just decided whats for supper tonight, a few of these cold from the fridge... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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Hang on there Jim I'm running as fast as I can. They look great by the way and I would be happy to be sharing some of those.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks mark, had a couple from the fridge when I walked in the door.
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Man oh man they look great.. So how much is a copy of the rub recipe gonna cost??PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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