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New Smoke Vault 24"

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Hey all, I finally made my decision as to which propane rig to buy...The bigger Smoke Hollow as Gander Mountain. Then when I was in the store yesterday, I saw a Browning Smoke Vault 24" on Clearance for $249. I bought it and took it home and put it together.

Now, my question is how exactly should I season it? What wood works best?
Does it matter for seasoning it? Temp? Time?

Thanks guys, I gotta go to church, but will check back this afternoon and do the season then... Hopefully some pictures too!!
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Maybe someone has a good link to a previous thread... my search was not very good!
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it should say in the directions..........for my gasser i just ran the temps up above 300 for an hour or so with chips.
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Just spray it down with a little PAM - fire it up with some chips/chunks in the smoker box.

When I broke mine in I started off low temp for a hour then high temp for an hour.
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I would look in the instructions also. Mine had me run it at a low temp for an hour
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I would just run it like Chaf rob said at maybe 300 or so maybe higher and just let it go for alittle while and you should be well on your way to a really good smoker. I know I have one too and love it.
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alright thanks guys. I will do it as soon as this 30 mph wind dies downmad.gif

The directions said to get it over 200 deg. for about an hour, I was thinking it would take a lot longer than that.

Thanks for the help, will post some pics just as soon as I get going!!
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Whatcha planning to smoke first? whatever it is, Q-views when you can. icon_mrgreen.gif
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That will season most smokers, just don't use too much chunks/chip st one time.
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I have no experience with gas smokers, but from the reviews I have read you got yourself a great one. Congrats... ENJOY the great Q I know you will produce...
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Actually I got some spares ready to go outside!! took a few pics of them all rubbed up, when I get them outside I will try and figure out how to post them on the puter.
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Nice! You will love this smoker. Have fun!
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You have an excellent smoker there! I'm sure by now you already have it seasoned up. The instructions that came with the smoker gives detailed instruction on seasoning. Good luck and looking forward to seeing some Qview.
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