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If I could pick the throwdown category it would be? - Page 2

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Wild Game.

First month one of the deer family.

Next month ground bound critters like Rabbits, Coon's, possum, squirrel, woodchuck, Beaver, Skunk, etc.

Then game birds like cornish hens, pheasant, grouse, geese, ducks, Ostrich, Emu, Turkey, Dodo or what have you.

Then maybe a icky things month like , snake, snail, turtles, Gators, Crockamadiddlys,
Then shellfish or sea urchins, sea cucumbers and other creatures like Octopus Squid etc

Then Meatloaf

Then Hot dogs

Then hell I don't know because I got so hungry I'm quitting to get something to eat.

Okay I thought of another.....Cheeses
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i like this one i 2nd or 3rd PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Maybe some along international ines, likw Italian, Mexican, Greek, French, Carribean, South America, British, Australian....
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+1 for a Breakfast showdown or Lunch or Appetizers or "beef dishes", "chicken/poultry dishes", etc. The more general a catagory is the more unique entries are submitted. IMHO.
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Banquet Throwdown - The whole nine yards...from appetizers to desert. Maybe sometime around memorial day or 4th of july. To show off the big @ss cookouts that we have for family and friends.
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So are you saying you don't want to do fish?icon_mrgreen.gif
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that's what i was thinkin.............but sometimes it hurts when i think!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Itry to think... but nothing happens.
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You beat me to it! I say a mexican theme or a chile pepper theme! icon_smile.gif
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So, Brad, did we give you enough "ideas"? Or, do you want some more input?biggrin.gif
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Sandwiches could be a good challenge and variety. Don't know if this was suggested before.
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how about the winner of the current throwdown gets to pick the next one?
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Anything but British!!!!!!!

Indian might be OK.
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I second peppers/mexican - although I haven't a clue what I would doPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Let's see - is there a TV analogue here? Not Iron Chef, we would have to put two folks together. Maybe Chopped - give them a list of really wierd stuff where each ingredient has to be incorporated into the dish. Well maybe not....Maybe 5 ingredients max (I think there is a show about that)
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Organ meatPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif. Lets see us do that.
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Lol, I can barely get anyone to do a fish and seafood one, pretty sure organ meat would have 0 entries.
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Lets see us not do thateek.gif
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Rocket science is out also...icon_mrgreen.gif
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nothin wrong with organs, i love a tasty gizzard, or maybe a chicken heart
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I love me some smoked gizzards and hearts i like the themed idea also
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