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Thanks for the link.

I've considered getting a whirly-pop for roasting my own beans, but my biggest problem is the smoke. We don't have a range hood, so unless I can run my attic fan, the smoke takes most of the fun out of things. biggrin.gif
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The wife drinks plain ol big blue maxwell house... me personally, I love the smell but can not stomach the taste of it. Blah!
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The first bold part directly correlates with the second bold part. biggrin.gif
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PSA: if using a moka-pot, don't forget about it on the stove. You will get the nastiest cup a joe this side of the greasy spoon dinner. icon_redface.gif
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My wife likes Maxwell House instant, so that's usually what I drink at home. Otherwise, I'm happy with pretty well anything as long as it tastes like coffee.
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Then that would let the all instant stuff out of the race, wouldn't it?

IMHO that crap isn't coffee and doesn't even make it as wanna be coffee.
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I've had a few cups of coffee in Costa Rica.

Ever since then everything else is just not the same...

Pic of the coffee valleys we drove by in Costa:
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haha, I have had many many brands of it, and stuff from the big chains in every concoction known to mankind... I'll just stick with a big ol' glass of sweet tea in the morning.
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sweet tea...just as well drink pop. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Geography is flavour. I Like coffee that comes from the asia Pacific region. Also Kenya region makes a good cup.
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Time to resurrect an old thread.  Time for a coffee story.


Decades ago, when traveling the world on a big grey ship loaded with airplanes, I had a cup of coffee in a hotel in Singapore that blew me away.  After drinking Folgers since I was 10 years old (early morning paper route and my dad's favorite), that Singapore cup of coffee introduced me to rich, robust, coffee packed with flavor and a kick.  Later on the same cruise I tasted something very similar at the hotel in Kenya.  Honestly, I've been trying to duplicate that flavor ever since.  I have probably 8 coffee makers in the house, from antiques to modern V and basket filters, all percolators or drips.  The closest I've come to that memorable flavor is triple shots of espresso at the coffee chains. Way too pricey for regular consumption. 


One of my daughters and her husband just came back from a friend's wedding in Greece, and they raved about the coffee.  That set me off on my search again so I picked up a 6 cup Bialetti Moka Pot  (6 espresso cups = 10 oz) for less than $30.  OMG!  That incredible flavor from overseas was suddenly in my cup!  And talk about a caffeine buzz!


I don't like to spend a lot of money on coffee, so when I get low I go by the grocer and watch for sales.  They have a store-brand Italian Roast Drip Coffee made from Arabica beans, not the grassy tasting Robusta beans used in many canned coffees.   On sale I can pick up whole beans or pre-ground for $5 per 12 oz.


I had both on hand, along with some espresso grind I picked up when I bought the pot.  I ground both the store brand drip grind and the whole bean into an espresso grind.  Over several days I taste tested all three.  They all tasted different in the Moka Pot, but were fantastically delicious, rich, robust, and filled with flavor.     


I tried using my favorite V-filter drip maker again the other day and it now tasted like flavored water compared to what comes out of the Moka pot.  I'll never be without a Moka pot again. 


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