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We grind our own beans

We grind our own beans, better flavor. We have a friend of the family who gave us 4 cases of Columbian beans that say Eldorado on the packages, that just happened to fall of a truck? It is very good, not to strong.
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We prefer French Roast. Very robust. I generally only drink coffee on the weekends, and we do it cowboy style over an open fire. We like to cook breakfast in cast iron skillets outside as well. Everything just tastes better that way.
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Just got my new shipment from a very cool coffee importer, Sweet Marias in Oakland. They are very much into green production processes and go inspect a lot of growers.
My latest is their Expresso blend called La Tessitrua - it is a very mild but flavorful blend.

Here is a link to their website www.sweetmarias.com
Very friendly folks and very inexpensive beans from what I have seen on other sites - they also have extensive reviews of roasters for those who might want to start roasting their own
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If I can afford it I love Torrefazione coffee, it is an Italian import, but it's usually around $13.00 a pound. So usually I buy Seattles best Harborside blend, much easier on pocketbook.biggrin.gif
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Community Dark Roast or Community Private Reserve
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Usually it's one of the Folgers blends...black silk, gourmet supreme or the like...when they're on sale, that is.

My wife has been substitute teaching for a woman that is on maternity leave and found a "bent-n-dent" store that regularly has Starbucks, Caribou and a variety of other high-priced coffees that are either "just-expired" or "nearly-expired" for $2.99/bag...mixing it makes that Folger's stuff have some REAL flavor...icon_mrgreen.gif

There's a coffee shop in the town we go to church in that roasts their own beans, and on occasion we get a bag of "Dog's Drool"...it's a very stout French roast that works great for making espresso drinks.

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Do not use the fancy stuff and no sugar or cream just good ol dark roast Community Coffee from Louisiana.
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i really like the starbucks blend the put out during xmas

other then that i use folgers columbian dailytongue.gif
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we just had a rep come to work wanting us to get this machine and their coffee to go with it....we use them for our drip pot makers....I was really impressed with the quality that they had and how great the coffee tasted.

At home I have started grinding my own beans and can't believe the difference in flavor compared to pre-ground coffee. I have yet to find a bean that I really like as they tend to be pretty pricey so I only make coffee at home now on the weekends.
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Community dark roast!! I've been drinking it since I was 2.
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Just roasted some green beans from Kenya. I used the side burner on my BBQ and a whirlypop popcorn popper. I takes about 10 minutes to make some of the best coffee. Yumm!
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Everyday: Maxwell House
Weekend special: Seattle's Best Henry Blend, whole bean.
If I'm feeling like I need something truly special? I'll order whole bean Kona coffee.
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There are several of us on here that are roasters - where do you get your beans from?
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Caribou Coffe has some of the best coffees and I love their Obsidian coffee. It is a dark roast and very flavorful but lacking the burnt taste you get with other brands (i.e. Starbucks since they are "double roasting" their blends all they seem to do is burn them. IMHO).
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Peet's Coffee

Peet's Coffee. Kona, JR's Reserve, Major Dickenson's blend

Community New Orleans Blend is good too icon_cool.gif
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Hi, my name is Billy, and I'm a coffee addict...wait, wrong meeting. biggrin.gif

We usually get Starbucks (I know, I know) Espresso Roast or Pike place by the 5 pound bag. We go through about 5 lbs a month, so it makes it easier just to buy a big bag. We like the darker, bitter flavor that Starbucks has...hell, my wife likes coffee that has sat in the pot all day (she's a weirdo).

I've gotten away from drinking a whole pot a day by myself, I used to make a pot in the morning, put it in my thermos and cup and be set. Here the last few months I've been using a moka-pot in the morning to make my brew. It's enough to get me going...

My favorite way to brew coffee is with a french press...it tastes so good. I've never been able to time my Corning Ware percolator where the coffee is strong, yet not funky tasting. My Moka-pot gets used a lot. The old stand by though, is our Bunn, when I just want a pot of coffee now, it's my go to guy.

I've experimented with roasting my own beans, but I don't have any way to do it out side and it smokes up the house quite a bit to do it on the stove top or in the oven. Our convection oven did work really good though. Cleaning the chaff is a PITA as well...it did make a good, fresh cup of coffee. :)

The old stand by...

preferred method...

daily dose...

I got my grandmothers corning ware when she passed away...I don't use the percolator for coffee since I can't seem to get it to come out right, but I do use it to make sassafras tea.
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ethiopian yirgacheffe
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Peet's and Nothing But Peet's

I've been drinking Peet's Coffee since the early 1970s. Drinking other coffees is almost always a let down.

Peet's Major Dickason blend is my favorite. I generally prefer blends to coffees from a specific country/region.

I use a conical burr grinder and a Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine.

Man, I could go for a latte right about now.
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Folgers (Gourmet) for me, can't live without it.
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Try this website for help with roasting - they have several how to tutorials with popcorn poppers that may solve your clean up problem

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