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I've been roasting my own for about 10 yrs on and off. I enjoy roasting at home....but we have a very good roaster nearby too.

I prefer french press or espresso...but my wife usually gets up first and makes a drip pot.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is my favorite single origin bean.

I have more $ tied up in coffee stuff than I do in smoking equipment. I just realized that....

Intelligensia coffee is a great place to order roasted coffee from. It arrives at your door about two days after roasting.
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We too roast our own and man what a difference in quality and in price. I buy from sweetmarias.com and coffee is about $4.50 per pound - we make expresso every morning for our drive to work. I actually have some roastinng as I type this - our son and his family just left with the small stash we had
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Whatever is on sale in a medium roast.
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My favorite Gevalia Coffee Costa Rican Pea berry but can't afford that stuff everyday. It is not a flavored coffee btw just a really good medium roast.

My everyday coffee is folgers special roast.
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Ever since I started drinking coffee from my Keurig K-cup coffee maker, everything else I try just tastes nasty. I really like my Emeril's Big Easy Bold. Whenever I'm away from home, I can't wait to get back so I can have a REALLY great cup of coffee.

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I like the original cowboy coffee when I get it, Arbuckles. Otherwise plain old Folgers.
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I'm surprised no one has said "Smoked" ! PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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I wake up with Folgers. Have yet to try Dunkin donuts, out here in California we don't have them yet.
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Maxwell House Master Blend has been my coffee of choice for years. I recently bought a bag of Dunkin Donuts regular blend & it's good stuff. I'm not convinced its worth twice the price of MH. A friend of mine swears by Chock Full O Nuts & I plan to give that a try the next time I buy coffee.
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Blue mountian when I can get it for a reasonable price, but laitly its been Kicking horse kick A$$ blend, and when I want unledded then it is there decaf blend.

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Being here in Italy, I figure I would drink there coffee. So far about a year I have been drinking Kimbo coffee. I agree that with coffee and cigars they should taste just like that ......coffee and cigars

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I'm a little late to the party (haven't read the entire thread) but I'm a Dunkin' Donuts coffee guy.

I live out in the country and I like to have my coffee fresh brewed as I stumble out of bed; I buy bags of Dunkin' Donuts medium roast whole bean (the "normal" blend) and set my Cuisinart coffee maker up before I go to bed to go off like an alarm clock *every* morning. Heck, the nearest Dunkin Donuts is more than an hour's drive from home; when I get near one, I stock up on the 1 lb bags of whole bean. If you buy them in the store 4 lbs at a time, you get them for $5/lb (which is SIGNIFICANTLY less than the price at the grocer for the orange bags, which are only 12 oz and cost more - works out to nearly $10/lb average)

I don't like all the flavored coffees and the dark roasts. If I have guests come to the house that want something different, I have a spare coffee maker for them to use because flavored coffee going through my machine seems to take several pots to get the after taste out of it. icon_mad.gif

I also take my coffee with cream and sweetener (I use Truvia sugar free sweetener because I'm a 4 glucophage per day guy)

So much about a cup of coffee is everything else that goes in to it: The quality of the water, the creamer used (I use half-and-half), the temperature of the brew, etc. I like everything about travel EXCEPT for the morning cups of coffee because they're not the same and not exactly what I want.
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Another home roaster here. Been roasting my own for at least 7 yrs.

Some of my favorite beans are Ethiopian and Yemen. And on that note I have a Red Sea blend that has a dry smell like chocolate covered cherries after grinder. Just wonderful stuff.
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This thread has a lot of good stuff happening in it so I have made it a sticky. Be interesting to see where it leads and how far it goes. Thanks for getting it started, Pike!

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Maxwell house columbian at home.

On the road a cup of Timmys ....... Tim Hortons.

Good thread !
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Peet's Major ****ason's blend, it's the only reason im able to get to work at 4:45am every morning.
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Didnt know my favorite coffe was that offensive. Haha, oh well i still like it despite it's name. By the way im glad to see profanity is blocked on this forum. Thanks.
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Big fan of Duncan Coffee's Cafe Kilamanjaro & Costa Rican. Duncancoffee.com or Texascoffee.com. Duncan's is a local roaster here in Houston. They've been around for about 100 years and have several great single origin, blends & flavored coffees and several teas as well. I order online and in a day or two it arrives at my door still warm from the roaster!!

Also a big fan of Britt from Costa Rica and bring home a bunch every time I go to CR.
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I can't stand coffee unless there is a ton of sugar and cream in it. I stay away from it since it usually give me a stomach ache. I drink tea daily. I converted a old coffee pot into my tea pot. Makes it easy to brew my tea in the morning.
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I've really been getting into teas lately. But for coffee I love Kona!
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